Saturday was National Cookie Day.

Chris Cuomo was trending Saturday after news broke that he was fired from CNN. More on the story in Showbiz.

#SECChampionship landed in Twitter’s Top 10 trends over the weekend following Alabama’s win over Georgia. More on the game in Sports.

Sunday was International Ninja Day.

Bob Dole was trending Sunday after news of his death made the rounds on social media. More details on his passing in Deaths.

Lions, Goff and Vikings were trending Sunday after the Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings 29-27 for their first win of the season.



Weekend Box Office:

10. Sword Art Online: Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night: $1 million (new)

9. King Richard: $1.2 million (down from 7)

8. Clifford the Big Red Dog: $1.8 million (down from 6)

7. Dune: $1.8 million (up from 8)

6. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City: $2.6 million (down from 5)

5. Eternals: $3.9 million (down from 4)

4. Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers: $4.1 million (new)

3. House of Gucci: $6.7 million (stayed at 3)

2. Ghostbusters: Afterlife: $10.3 million (stayed at 2)

1. Encanto: $12.7 million (stayed at 1)


Hit List

Thousands of protestors marched across Europe over the weekend in defiance of more covid restrictions.

    • In Brussels, Belgium, police deployed tear gas and water cannons against the protestors. An estimated 35,000 people turned up.
    • In Vienna, Austria, more than 40,000 marched against a vaccine mandate that’s expected to go into effect in February.
    • In the Netherlands, several thousand showed up in protest of a rule that requires bars and restaurants to close at night.
    • In Frankfurt, police used batons and pepper spray against a crowd of unmasked citizens protesting the mask mandate there.
    • In Berlin, the government outright banned demonstrations, but several small groups popped up anyway.

MEANWHILE: Aspiring Bond Villain Anthony Fauci tells CNN that the White House is actively looking at the travel ban from South African countries, as the data shows Omicron is little more than a cold for many people.


After a brief manhunt, the parents of alleged Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley were arrested Friday night near Detroit.

During an arraignment Saturday morning, the parents pleaded not guilty to four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

They’re accused of giving their son access to the gun he used in the rampage.


Kyle Rittenhouse still has plans to go to Arizona State University, after the school said last week there’s no record of his enrollment and lefty student groups protested his admission there.

Rittenhouse did a Q&A on Twitter Spaces over the weekend, where he also revealed his first meal after sitting in jail was a pile of fifty McNuggets.


A Maryland man discovered snakes living in his house, so he did what any reasonable person would do and burned the whole thing down.

That wasn’t the initial plan: Originally, he wanted to smoke them out, but that triggered a fire that took 75 firefighters to extinguish.

IT GETS WORSE: The Associated Press reports that whether or not the snakes made it is “undetermined.”


Mount Semeru, a volcano on Java, which is the most densely-populated island of Indonesia, has erupted. So far at least 13 are dead and another 7 are missing. Dozens more have been injured.

Local geologists say several days of rain eroded the dome of the mountain, triggering the eruption.

Hundreds have been moved to temporary shelters as a precaution.


Up to 175,000 Russian troops are gathering on their border with Ukraine. Intelligence experts suspect an invasion could happen early next year.

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are scheduled to speak by phone on Tuesday.


Dollar General is having a hard time selling things for just a buck.

Before the pandemic, it opened 30 stores branded as Popshelf, which sold things like decor, toys, and beauty products, all for under $5. Now it’s expanding to 1,000 more locations.

The news comes as the Dollar Store chain announced a price hike to $1.25.


NOTHING TO SEE HERE: A loud blast and flash of light near one of Iran’s nuclear enrichment plants has drawn the attention of international observers, as the country defends its nuclear program.

The official state line is that a missile system was test fired.

No casualties or damage connected to the blast have been reported.


Even the Pope gets heckled.

While visiting Greece over the weekend, an Orthodox priest shouted, “Pope, you are a heretic!” from the side of the street as His Holiness passed by. Local law enforcement reportedly tried stopping the priest, who fell to the ground during the scuffle.

THAT BACKFIRED: The Pope was in town to help build a bridge between the East and West.


Reese’s — the peanut butter cup candy — is out with a new marketing stunt: They’ve launched a whole invented online university, called Reese’s U.

You can even fake-enroll and get a fake letter of admission to hang on your fake wall, apparently.

The mascot is the Fighting Cuppy, which looks a whole lot like Notre Dame’s mascot.



BOB DOLE has died.

The US Senator, decorated Army veteran, US Rep and Vice Presidential and Presidential candidate passed away in his sleep early Sunday morning, according to his wife, ELIZABETH DOLE. His death comes 10 months after revealing he was battling lung cancer.

He was 98.



The country singer and longtime member of the Grand Ole Opry radio show passed away Saturday of complications from vascular dementia.

He was 89.



The World War II veteran was the last surviving member of Easy Company during World War II. He passed away at his home on December 3.

As part of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division — whose story was told in the HBO series “Band of Brothers” — Shames made his first combat jump into Normandy on D-Day as part of Operation Overlord.

He was 99.



JAMES KENNEDY and RAQUEL LEVISS have ended their engagement.

The “Vanderpump Rules” stars made the announcement on Instagram Sunday with a joint statement and selfie.

They were together for 5 years.


Baby News

DEREK JETER has welcomed his third child with wife HANNAH JETER.

The news was announced by Jeter’s website “The Player’s Tribune” on Twitter over the weekend. Many fans were shocked to hear about the birth as very few people knew the couple were expecting.

The newborn, a girl named River Rose Jeter, joins big sisters Bella, 4, and Story, 2.



MARTHA STEWART has a boyfriend.

The business mogul told “Watch What Happens Live” host ANDY COHEN that she is in a relationship, but refused to share any other details.

Stewart was previously married to entrepreneur ANDREW STEWART. They divorced in 1990.


The Swamp

GET A LOAD OF THIS: Over at The Washington Post, columnist Dana Milbank argues that — no really! — media coverage of President JOE BIDEN over the last four months “has been as bad as — and for a time worse than — the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020.”

Millbank says a data information company fed news headlines and reporting from 65 news websites through some artificial intelligence software to do a “sentiment analysis” of the words.

Milbank solemnly frets: “My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy.”


    • Was it in defense of democracy when his media colleagues spent years hyping a Russia collusion scandal that has since been thoroughly debunked?
    • Was it in defense of democracy when the media and Big Tech colluded to suppress reporting about Hunter Biden’s missing laptop?
    • Is it a defense of democracy when the media pretends President JOE BIDEN is honest when he says he’s never spoken to son Hunter about trading on the family name?
    • Is it a defense of democracy when CNN shills for the administration’s disastrous economic policy by pumping out propaganda pieces like this one, “Why inflation can actually be good for everyday Americans and bad for rich people”


Senate Majority Leader CHUCK SCHUMER wants to get the multi-trillion-dollar social welfare spending package passed by the end of the year — but Senator JOE MANCHIN isn’t optimistic.

He’s told CNN he expects there won’t be a vote on it until next year. Another swing Democrat Senator, KYRSTEN SINEMA, has told CNN she’s negotiating in good faith but isn’t happy with the legislation yet.



No winner for Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing. Tomorrow’s drawing will be for a $122 million jackpot or a $89.2 million cash payout.


No winner for Saturday night’s Powerball drawing. Tonight’s drawing will be for a $280 million jackpot or a $205 million cash payout.


Showbiz News

“Lego Masters” has been renewed.

FOX has ordered a third season of the unscripted competition series that features pairs of Lego enthusiasts who face off in brick-building challenges.

The show, hosted by WILL ARNETT, will return in 2022.


CHRIS CUOMO got the permanent boot from CNN.

The network announced Chris’ termination on Saturday saying they “retained a respected law firm to look into his conduct in light of the digging he did surrounding his brother” — that’s former NY Gov. ANDREW CUOMO and his sexual harassment scandal.

IT GETS WORSE: The New York Times reports that attorneys for a former CNN employee have credible evidence that Chris Cuomo engaged in sexual misconduct while at the network. Suits at CNN were told about it Friday.

Chris responded to the ousting, saying this is not how he wants his time at CNN to end and that he is proud of his team at “Cuomo Prime Time.”

In the interim, MICHAEL SMERCONISH will take over the nightly time slot.


MERRIN DUNGEY is set to star in “In Between.”

The mystery drama about a therapist who is forced to move to a small town is currently in the works at NBC.

The show comes from the creative minds of LIZ VASSEY and MAYIM BIALIK.


GEORGE CLOONEY turned down $35 million for one day’s worth of work.

The actor recently told The Guardian that he is at a point in his life where he has all the money he needs so he can be more “selective” about which projects he takes.

Clooney said he decided to turn down this particular job — an airline commercial — because he felt the country the airline is associated with, while an ally, is “questionable at times.”


DANA WHITE is COVID-19 free and he owes his recovery to advice he got from JOE ROGAN.

The UFC President told TMZ that he tested negative after following Rogan’s suggested treatment plan of monoclonal antibodies, NAD drop, vitamins and Ivermectin.

White tested positive for the virus after a Thanksgiving Day gathering.


LUANNA DE LESSEPS is releasing a rap song.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” star told Page Six that she recorded an “edgy” new track, titled “F-Bombs on the G (With the OGs).”

She said the song was conceived during the press tour for “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

It is unclear when it will be released.

BY THE WAY: Her hiphop moniker is “Countess Lu.”

ART IMITATES LIFE: This is about as close as the world has come to a real-life version of Angie Jordan’s “My Single Is Droppin’” from “30 Rock.”


ALEC BALDWIN and several others have not yet been cleared by investigators for their roles in the shooting death of HALYNA HUTCHINS.

Santa Fe County District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altweis told TMZ that the investigation is ongoing and no decisions have been made about who could be charged.

WORTH NOTING: Weapons expert Steve Wolf told TMZ that he isn’t buying Baldwin’s claim that the gun fired without him pulling the trigger.


During her conservatorship, BRITNEY SPEARS says she was forced to undergo therapy sessions for ten hours a day, seven days a week.

In a video posted to Instagram, Spears put on a skit of what her therapy sessions used to look like when she was “forced to pay and listen to women telling [her] how they [were] going to further [her] success.”

The 13-year conservatorship was terminated by a judge in November.


The City of Memphis is naming a street after rapper YOUNG DOLPH, who died last month after being shot at a Memphis cookie shop.

The effort is being led by city councilman JB Smiley, who plans to change a street name to something in the late rapper’s honor. The unveiling is set for December 15.


GRIMES appears to have thrown some shade at ex-boyfriend ELON MUSK.

The 33-year-old released her new single, “Player of Games,” in which she sings about being in love with the “greatest gamer.”

She also sings, “Sail away to the cold expanse of space, even love couldn’t keep you in your place” — clearly a dig at Musk’s SpaceX.

The pair broke up this summer after three years of dating. They share one child together, son X Æ A-12, aka “Baby X.”


BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ brought some of their kids along on a movie date Saturday.

Ben’s daughter Seraphina and J. Lo’s twins Emme and Sam came along for a showing of “Licorice Pizza.”

TMZ says the family was escorted in through a side door, as to not mix with the masses.


Court Cases

GHISLAINE MAXWELL’s trial resumes today.

The British socialite is accused of grooming teenage girls for pedophile JEFFREY EPSTEIN and other wealthy men.

The trial is projected to last five weeks.


JUSSIE SMOLLET’s trial resumes today.

The former “Empire” actor has been accused of carrying out a fake racist and homophobic attack on himself in downtown Chicago.

The big question lingering over everyone’s mind is whether he will take the stand and tell his side of the story.

Judge James Linn told jurors last week that he expects deliberations to begin no later than tomorrow.


JOSH DUGGAR’s trial resumes today.

The 33-year-old father of seven is charged with two counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. He faces up to 20 years in prison on each count if convicted.

The trial is expected to last into at least midweek.


The Daily Kardashopus

SCOTT DISICK was spotted partying with an unidentified woman at Alec Monopoly’s Art Basel party in Miami over the weekend.

Insiders say the woman is nothing serious, but that Disick is returning to the dating pool.

He last dated AMELIA HAMLIN.


A cover photo of KYLIE JENNER and TRAVIS SCOTT for W Magazine has leaked.

The photo was supposed to appear in this month’s edition, but was pulled after the tragedies at Astroworld. The image features Scott listening to their unborn child’s heartbeat, with their daughter STORMI nearby.

The cover isn’t the only fallout of the tragic concert. As previously reported, Nike delayed the release of a new shoe designed in collaboration with Scott.


We'll Never Be Royals

PRINCE WILLIAM recalls the time he took the stage alongside JON BON JOVI and TAYLOR SWIFT in a new Apple Fitness+ “Time to Walk” audio series. 

The 39-year-old said he was “in a trance” when Swift told him to join her and Bon Jovi onstage for a performance of “Livin’ On a Prayer” during a 2013 fundraiser at Kensington Palace. 

William says to this day he still doesn’t know what came over him and cringes when he thinks about the experience.



No. 3 Alabama dominated No. 1 George in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday.

The teams met on the gridiron inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta where the Crimson Tide took the title with a 41-24 victory.

Alabama QB BRYSON YOUNG completed 26-of-44 passes for an SEC Championship Game record of 421 yards. He also rushed for 40 yards on three carries and added a rushing touchdown to his total.

The victory guaranteed Young the Heisman Trophy — the first QB in the program’s history to land the honor.


Day of the Year

National Pawnbrokers Day
National Microwave Oven Day
National Gazpacho Day
St. Nicholas Day
Miners’ Day
Mitten Tree Day
Put On Your Own Shoes Day
Bartender Appreciation Day


On This Date

1865 – Georgia ratifies the 13th Amendment, thus ending slavery.

The law was passed only 8 months after the end of the Civil War, and signaled the end of people being treated as property. Though of course it would be years before Civil Rights legislation was properly enacted.


1868 – The Reno Gang pulls off its last train robbery.

Reno brothers Frank William and Simeon held a short but active robbing career. On this train robbery, they killed a guard who was on board. They were caught shortly thereafter.

The public was in uproar over the guard’s death — so much so that the masses busted out the three brothers from their jail cells to have them promptly hanged.


1884 – Construction on the Washington Monument is completed. The final piece was the 9-inch pyramid at the top of the obelisk.

It was named, obviously, for the nation’s first commander-in-chief.

The Washington Monument stands between the Lincoln Monument and the Capitol Building, near the banks of the Potomac River, just a block from the White House. It’s location was decided by city architect Pierre L’Enfant.


1917 – The Mont Blanc munitions freighter sails full speed to rendezvous with a small convoy it would lead across the Atlantic to Europe.

On board were 2300 tons of picric acid, 200 tons of TNT, 35 tons of gasoline and 10 tons of gun cotton.

The Mont Blanc collided with the Norwegian boat in the North Atlantic at approximately 8:45 a.m., as it was exiting the harbor. The collision propelled the Mont Blanc back toward shore. It burned safely for about 20 minutes.

The nearby fire department came to shore to try and put out the small blaze. But it was for naught.

When the blaze erupted, almost 1800 people were killed instantly and another 9000 injured. More than 200 were blinded by the bright white explosion.

It’s the largest explosion known to man before the detonation of the atomic bomb.


1969 – The Rolling Stones headline the Alamont Free Concert in northern California.

Also performing were Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

There were 300,000 in attendance, hoping to make this the Woodstock of the west coast. A bunch of hippies in California did not behave as well as some would have hoped: there was one homicide and three accidental deaths reported.

Meanwhile, four women gave birth to children, and among the brawling, stampeding, and mosh pit of humanity, hundreds were injured. Also, dozens reported stolen cars and other property.

As a result of the mayhem, the Grateful Dead pulled out of performing.


1992 – 49ers Wide Receiver Jerry Rice catches a ball in the end zone, making him the record-holder for most career touchdown receptions, with 101. It had been held by Steve Largent.

Rice played for another 8 years, ultimately scoring 208 TDs, leaving the old record in his dust.


2006 – NASA releases photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor that suggests there could be flowing water on the Red Planet.

The images show deep gullies and canyons that scientists believe could only have been formed from water erosion. (Or an evil Martian race polluting their planet with a highly-toxic and corrosive industrial goop for the sake of profit).

The release comes a month after the last contact had been made with the probe.

Human error was to blame for losing the spacecraft, but that’s okay — the mission lasted 3 times longer than NASA expected.


2017 – Starbucks opens its largest cafe in the world in Shanghai.

The coffee joint is 30,000 square-feet — about half the size of a football field.


2018 – Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry lands a franchise-record 238 yards and 4 touchdowns in a 30-9 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Henry’s 99-yard touchdown run ties with Dallas Cowboys HOF RB Tony Dorsett’s for longest run in NFL history.



Sabrina Ionescu – basketball player – 24

Stefanie Scott – actress, “A.N.T. Farm – 25

A Boogie wit da Hoodie – rapper – 26

Tai Verdes – pop singer – 26

Giannis Antetokounmpo – basketball player – 27

Wesley Stromberg – pop singer – 28

Johnny Manziel – football player – 29

Dulce Maria – actress, “Rebelde” – 36

Jason Reynolds – novelist – 38

Debbie Rowe – former with of Michael Jackson & mother of Prince and Paris Jackson – 63

Andrew Cuomo – disgraced former NY Gov. – 64

Born On This Date

Satoru Iwata – entrepreneur, former President of Nintendo – 1959 (d. 2015)

Randy Rhoads – guitarist, Quiet Riot – 1956 (d. 1982)