SCOTUS Won’t Hear Net Neutrality Case

The Supreme Court on Monday said it wouldn’t hear challenges to net neutrality rules. The rules, first put into place by the Obama administration, require all internet service providers to treat all online traffic the same, regardless of whether a website or online service wanted to pay more to have their content delivered faster. Several broadband companies had sued, asking the high court to consider the 2015 rules upheld by a D.C. appeals court. The court said no. But the Trump administration cancelled those Obama-era rules, meaning the whole thing is functionally a moot point.

Mueller Wants FBI To Investigate Rape Conspiracy

The Russia probe took a soap opera twist in recent days. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is demanding the FBI investigate an attempt to smear him with the charge that he committed rape years ago. Two women came forward alleging they were approached by a company run by a conspiracy theorist asking them to fabricate sexual misconduct allegations against Mueller. One of the women claims she was offered 20 grand to do it. It appears to be a botched attempt by a pro-Trump conspiracy nut to discredit Mueller.

—QUOTABLE: “When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation.” -Mueller spokesman Peter Carr

Mueller Pursues “Dirty Trickster” Stone

Roger Stone built his career on being a “dirty trickster,” and Robert Mueller plans to exploit that. The special counsel’s team is combing through the track record of Stone, an early Trump supporter and longtime bare-knuckles GOP operative, as part of its investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Stone has described himself as the “dirty trickster,” and the new branch of the Mueller probe is looking into whether he might’ve crossed the line in political work prior to what he did for the Trump campaign. If Mueller digs up some dirt, he could use that to press charges unrelated to Trump OR Russian collusion in order to get Stone to start dishing on the president. Stone says he hasn’t yet been contacted by Mueller’s team.

Justice Department Sues California

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a tough new net neutrality law for the state on Sunday. Hours later, the Trump Justice Department sued to block it. The Trump administration is arguing that the law, which claims to bring “fairness” for all internet users, interferes with federal powers to set national communications standards. These net neutrality regulations—a similar one was imposed nationally under Obama and rescinded under Trump—aim to prevent major internet providers from slowing access to some websites while giving preferred speeds to others, usually depending on demand and contracts. You know, the free market. 

—QUOTABLE: “The Justice Department should not have to spend valuable time and resources to file this suit today, but we have a duty to defend the prerogatives of the federal government and protect our constitutional order. We will do so with vigor.” -Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Antifa Threatens Cruz On Twitter

Hot on the heels of running Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife out of a D.C. restaurant while screaming “we believe survivors,” a branch of the left-wing Antifa group issued a threat to the Texas Republican. Along with a recording of the restaurant mob scene, Smash Racism DC tweeted that Cruz is “not safe” and that his votes are “hate crimes.” That’s an apparent reference to a zero tolerance immigration policy by the Trump administration that separated illegal alien families over the summer. But the left-wing mob, in true mob form, is seemingly unaware that Cruz proposed legislation to keep illegal immigrant families together.

—QUOTABLE: “No — you can’t eat in peace — your politics are an attack on all of us You’re [sic] votes are a death wish. Your votes are hate crimes.” -Tweet by Smash Racism DC

—QUOTABLE: “This is a message to Ted Cruz, Bret [sic] Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic right-wing scum: You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.” -Another Smash Racism DC tweet