Gates Has Strong Words for Solar, Wind Energy Activists

Bill Gates offered some surprisingly critical comments about climate change zealots. In an interview with Axios on HBO, the billionaire Microsoft founder said that zealots who think wind and solar are the only solutions to climate change have “dangerous” ideas. The U.S. has always been a leader in innovation, and it would be tragic if we got stuck in a box. And the electricity sector is only part of the climate change puzzle, he said. Gates’ comments come amid a renewed push by climate activists—including fellow billionaire Tom Steyer—to convince states to increase renewable energy standards and mandate more use of wind and solar.

—QUOTABLE: “That general impression that ‘Oh, it’s just about solar and wind,’ that I think is as dangerous to us as the fact that in one country, the U.S., there’s a faction that associates with ‘Hey, let’s not make any trade-offs to go in and solve this problem.” -Gates

Liberal Billionaire Says Trump Should Be Impeached Over Global Warming

Tom Steyer believes President Trump’s skepticism about global warming rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. The liberal California billionaire and extreme environmentalist gave CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield over the weekend a list of reasons Trump should be impeached. Among them: his skepticism about climate change. Steyer has been a leading voice openly advocating for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office for the high crime of disagreeing with Tom Steyer’s political agenda.

—QUOTABLE: “We’ve gotta think that the number one job of the president of the United States is to protect the lives and safety of the American people. And here we have a president who in denying climate change is preventing this country from doing the very positive things that we can do that will make us healthier and richer, better employed with higher wages, and also deal with the ravages of increasing climate change.” -Unhinged billionaire Steyer

Global Warming Ballot Measures Go Down In Flames

Global warming ballot measures in several western states went down to defeat on Tuesday. Voters said no to a practical ban on hydraulic fracturing—also called fracking—in Colorado, tripling the renewable energy mandate in Arizona, and a carbon emissions tax in Washington. Even California overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure raising the renewable electricity mandate to 50 percent by 2030. These are big losses for the environmentalists, particularly billionaire liberal Tom Steyer, who spent $22 million on the California question alone.

Steyer Ad Compares Trump To Infamous Dictator

Liberal billionaire-turned-activist Tom Steyer is running Facebook ads comparing President Trump to brutal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The ad is a three minute video that claims Trump is following a “dictators’ playbook,” and says that he’s a “malignant narcissist. Steyer has been practically obsessed with standing in the way of Trump’s agenda recently, including calling for his impeachment. And according to a Facebook ad archive, between May 1 and Oct. 27, Steyer spent $2.1 million promoting 5,600 different Facebook ads.

Steyer Denounces Rich, White Men

Ultra-Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer has a self-loathing complex. The Democrat mega-donor complained on MSNBC over the weekend about “very rich, very entitled white men” wielding too much influence. His comments were in response to a question about Sen. Lindsey Graham, who became an outspoken advocate for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. People angry about that should go to the polls to remind Washington that “we exist and democracy exists,” he added. So maybe he’s identifying as a poor black woman now.

—QUOTABLE: “I think what Sen. Graham was saying was on evidence in Washington last week, which was, a group of very rich, very entitled white men wanted to tell the rest of the country, ‘we are going to have our way, and if you don’t like it, that is too darn bad.’” -Steyer on MSNBC