Markle Jr Blasts Samantha

Thomas Markle Jr. has come to Meghan Markle’s defense. The Duchess’ estranged half-brother spoke out against sister Samantha Markle, saying she is “jealous and bitter” and he, as well as his dad Thomas Markle have begged her to stop “spreading lies.”

Thomas Jr. added that he would love nothing more than to reunite the family and be able to meet his future niece/nephew.

Thomas Markle Jr.’s DUI

Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr was arrested over the weekend. The 52-year-old was pulled over and given a field sobriety test after officers suspected he had been drinking. Thomas blew a .11—three points over the legal limit of .08—and was sent to a detox center to “sober up.”

This was not Thomas’ first run in with police. He was arrested in January 2017 after pulling a gun on his fiancé Darlene Blount. The same woman he is set to marry in March, with—very public—hopes that Meghan and Prince Harry will attend the nuptials.

Markle Family Wedding

Thomas Markle Jr. is hoping his upcoming nuptials will be the come-together event his family needs. Meghan Markle’s half-brother told The Daily Mail that he would be extending an invite to Meghan and Prince Harry. He believes that if they come, they could spend some time with his dad, Thomas Markle, and “that would be good.”

It is doubtful the royals will attend the wedding.

Royal Nephew Makes TV Debut

Meghan Markle’s family is continuing to capitalize on her royal status. Markle’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, will appear as part of the cast of MTV’s newest reality show, The Royal World. The premise of the show is to follow a group of royals and aristocrats who come together for a summer in the English countryside, to live like monarchs and the super elite. Dooley, who is the son of Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr, had been one of the few paternal family members not to cash in on the royal connection…until now. He is the only cast member from America. The Royal World is set to premiere on November 7th on MTV.