All Perks, No Pressure

Baby Sussex—who is due to arrive in another month or so—will not carry the weight of his/her royal cousins. The child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be seventh in line to the throne and will slide down as the cousins start having children of their own. The newest addition will get all the royal perks while being able to pursue his/her own dreams.

Great-Grandma aka The Queen could step in and change things up a little bit, but she is not typically one to stray from tradition.

The Queen is So Over It

The Queen has made her opinion known about the drama surrounding Meghan Markle’s family. According to Vanity Fair, Her Majesty told both Meghan and Prince Harry to deal with the situation before Christmas as the “whole thing was becoming a nightmare.”

Meghan is reportedly “at her wit’s end,” but still has no plans to comment publicly on the drama, while Harry is “angry” and “upset” about his father-in-law’s behavior.

Still no comment from either of Palaces on the drama.

Evil Royal Step-Mother

While rumors of a feud between the Fab Four have been put to rest…for now…a new feud has come to the forefront. In a recent article published in The Daily Mail, royal biographer Christopher Wilson claims there is a “distance” between Prince Charles’ sons and their step-mom, Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Christopher states that for Camilla, “dealing with the family that she married into hasn’t always been plain sailing. Though to all outward appearances she has the support and friendship of Prince William and Prince Harry, privately there is a distance.”

There was also, reportedly a time that The Queen ordered that Camilla never be in the same room as her because she was to blame—not Charles—for the couple’s illustrious affair. It seems Her Majesty has since eased back on this opposition.

Meghan’s Official Causes

Meghan Markle has been given not one, not two, but four royal patronages. While it was previously reported that Duchess Meghan would be taking over The National Theatre for The Queen, she will also be taking over The Association of Commonwealth for Her Majesty.

The final two organizations are charities that are near and dear to Meghan. The first is Smart Works which helps “long-term unemployed and vulnerable women regain the confidence they need to succeed at job interviews, return to employment and transform their lives.” The second is Mayhew, which focuses on improving the lives of cats, dogs and pet owners through public donations.

Duchess Meghan’s New Role

The new year brings new responsibilities for Duchess Meghan. The newest royal is set to receive her first royal patronage this year and it is rumored to be one that she will enjoy.

According to The Daily Mail, The Queen is set to hand over her patronage of the National Theater.

While the official announcement is set to be made in the next few days, it will clearly be a natural fit for the former actress. Meghan has already had a private meeting with the National Theater’s director Rufus Norris and is excited to get started.

Meg & Liz

The Queen and Meghan Markle appear to be getting along just fine, despite some procedural snagus. Meg had been told the Queen would be wearing a green hat, the implication being she should wear something similar. But not yet fully on-board with royal protocols, Meg showed up to an event with the Queen sans-hat, and Harry wasn’t there to bail her out. But it appears the mishap had no impact on Meghan’s relationship with her grandmother-in-law. The two shared laughs and whispers during the event.