The Game, RIP

Rapper The Game is looking for trouble. He’s debuted a track that goes after two of the Kardishipus.

One lyric says he held Kim “by the throat” and made her perform a sex act. Later on he says he fed Frosted Flakes in the morning to the sister who “made a billion in makeup” — implying he slept with Kylie Jenner too.

Insiders say friends begged Game to not tussle with Kim or Kanye, but he was likely looking for trouble.

48 Hours

The Game has a two-year-old sexual assault case to deal with. A judge has given the rapper 48 hours to produce the agreed upon documents or the “U.S. Marshals will be on his a**”. This all stems from a case The Game lost against accuser Priscilla Rainey—who appeared on his VH1 show, “She’s Got Game”—who he was ordered to pay $7 Million in damages. An arrest warrant has been issued, but he has until Friday at noon to get things in order.