Hiding 69

Tekashi69 may be looking at only a few years of jail time, compared to the life sentence he was facing. The rapper is reportedly cooperating with authorities which has already led to some of his crew getting their own stay in the slammer. Because of his cooperation, Tekashi will likely be getting some sort of witness protection deal later on.

Just not sure how a guy with rainbow hair and a 69 tattooed on his face will go unnoticed.

Tekashi the Rat

Tekashi69 is spending major dough on security for his family. The rapper, who snitched on multiple members of the Nine Trey Bloods for multiple crimes, is worried those seeking revenge may go after his loved ones.

Tekashi is set to be sentenced next January in the 9 counts he pled guilty to—racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offences and narcotics trafficking. In the meantime he is required to continue working with the feds, placing an even bigger target on himself and family members.

Tekashi The Rat

Three of Tekashi69’s crew members have been charged with federal indictments. Law enforcement officials revealed to TMZ that Kintea McKenzie, Anthony Ellison and Denard Butler are all looking at charges in connection to crimes related to Tekashi. Other sources are placing the blame solely on the rapper for ratting out his associates.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office have declined to comment on the rapper’s cooperation.

Tekashi is currently in prison, awaiting trial for racketeering charges.

Tekashi69 Writing and Producing Behind Bars

Tekashi69 is not letting jail stop his creative process. The rapper, who is currently incarcerated, is still writing and producing songs for his next album. He is also reportedly working out and is healthier than ever.

Tekashi is facing life in prison after being busted last November on federal racketeering charges.

Handful For Tekashi

Tekashi69’s time in prison has been fairly quiet as of late, but a photo recently surfaced of the rapper getting a visit from his girlfriend. Over the weekend, Jade visited her incarcerated boo and shared a photo of the couple embracing, with the rapper’s hands all over her booty.

While Tekashi is facing a possible life sentence in his firearms and racketeering case, it doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for his lady-love. She recently dyed her hair in rainbow colors and got a ’69’ tattooed on her shoulder, all in support of her man.

Tekashi Can’t Catch A Break

A bench warrant has been issued for Tekashi69. The rapper failed to show up for his Thursday morning court hearing so the judge, following protocol, issued the warrant. Tekashi is fighting the ruling as he couldn’t possibly appear because he is currently sitting in prison.

The hearing was for the rapper’s mall attack case, in which he was accused of putting his hands around the neck of a 16-year-old boy. The pair later made peace and the kid said he didn’t want to press charges.

A minuscule issue compared the list of other charges Tekashi has against him, which could lead to him spending life in prison.

Tekashi’s Rap Sheet Keeps Growing

Tekashi69 may soon be adding homicide and attempted homicide to his list of legal woes. The rapper, who is currently in prison awaiting his sentence on racketeering and firearms charges, may have implicated himself in the death of Chief Keef.

According to law enforcement officials, the murder case is currently marked as unsolved, but a video has surfaced in which Tekashi is heard discussing the murder and ordering a hit on Chief’s cousin Tadoe.

Rapper Faces Life, Girlfriend Gets Inked

Tekashi69’s girlfriend is supporting her man with some new ink and a new hairstyle. Jade showed off her “69” tattoo and rainbow hair in an Instagram post over the weekend. Apparently, the rapper’s baby mama is sticking by his side even though he is still in custody and facing a life sentence in his federal racketeering case.

More Drama For Tekashi69

Tekashi69 is being threatened with a lawsuit. The 22-year-old reportedly bailed on a concert—35 minutes before he was expected to perform—causing promotors to lose out on about $500k.

Back in October, Tekashi was scheduled to perform during Howard University Homecoming weekend, but bailed only to turn up a couple hundred miles away at Powerhouse in New Jersey.

According to the letter, obtained by TMZ, promotors from Hits Before Fame & DMV Events are out what they paid the rapper, loss of ticket sales and rental/marketing expenses.

There has been no comment from Tekashi’s entertainment lawyer.

Tekashi Got “Gangsta Checked”

Tekashi69 was transferred to a new facility after being “gangsta checked” by several Crips. According to TMZ, Tekashi—a known member of the 9 Trey Gangsta Bloods—was confronted by inmates who are affiliated with the rival gang. The rapper was told that he better understand who was in charge and before a fight could ensue, prison staffers intervened.

While the new facility is known for criminals who have cut deals, Tekashi’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, said that even though his client was being threatened in jail, he did not request to be transferred. All the 22-year-old asked was that he be in a unit away from Crips and Bloods.

Who Snitched?

DJ Akademiks—a popular hip-hop blogger—has been accused of being the “snitch” on Tekashi69’s crew. Akademiks replied to the accusation saying, “All these charges are a shock to me and do not involve me. I have never been questioned or much less cooperated in this. I am just a news reporter.”

The unnamed outlet that accused the DJ claims they learned who the snitch was from the lawyer for Tekashi’s former manager Kifano Jordan aka Shotti. Scott Leemon, Shotti’s attorney, replied to that claim saying, “I never made any public statement relating to this matter. Any statement attributed to me is false.”

Shotti was arrested along with Tekashi on firearms, drug and racketeering charges.

Tekashi’s Gift

Even behind bars, Tekashi69 is making sure to spoil his baby mama. The rapper’s girlfriend celebrated her 22nd Birthday on Tuesday night—with family and friends who aren’t facing a life sentence—and was surprised with a blinged out Rolex.

Tekashi reportedly picked out the piece weeks ago and had it customized with 18k white and rose gold and 24 carats worth of diamonds.

The $35k gift was hand delivered to the birthday girl by celeb jeweler JimmyBoi.

Tekashi69 Pleads Not Guilty

Tekashi69 received his trial date on Monday morning, after he entered a plea of not guilty in his federal racketeering case. The rapper, who has been incarcerated since his arrest on November 18th, was notified that his trial date has been set for September 4th. The issue of bail was not addressed at the hearing, so as of now, Tekashi will remain behind bars until that date. His attorney, Lance Lazzaro, did offer to pay $750k, surrender the rapper’s passport and have him remain on house arrest, but it was all denied. The 22-year-old has 6 charges against him and could face anywhere from 25 years to life in prison.

Don’t Drop The Soap

Tekashi69’s drama has followed him to his prison cell. Apparently, a number of inmates at the facility where the rapper is being held are pissed at the special treatment they believe he is receiving. Tekashi is being housed in a dorm designated for high-profile inmates, dirty cops and child predators. The dorm was cleared out before the 22-year-old arrived and then filled with “docile” inmates who are not affiliated with any gang. Lance Lazzaro, Tekashi’s lawyer, told TMZ he doubts his client is getting any sort of special treatment.

Tekashi69 Facing Life

Tekashi69 could face life in prison if convicted on the most serious of the 6 charges against him. The rapper, who was arrested along with members of his fired crew, has been charged with the alleged “acts of violence that were intended to protect the gang’s drug business, retaliate against rival gangs or promote Nine Trey’s rep on the streets.” These acts include: drug deals, armed robberies and shootings. The mandatory minimum sentence is 25 years.

Tekashi Busted

Tekashi69 is in federal custody. The 22-year-old rapper, along with members of his recently fired crew, were arrested on racketeering and firearms charges. The take down was a joint effort by ATF, NYPD and Homeland Security. Tekashi, who appeared on “The Breakfast Club” last week admitted—ironically—that he only feared two things: “God and the FBI.”

Tekashi69 Fired Everyone

Tekashi69 has cleaned house. The rapper—who has had a very dramatic year—fired his entire crew and canceled his U.S. tour. On Thursday, the 22-year-old posted a video to Instagram, telling his fans that he no longer has a manager, booking agent or publicist, saying, “I fired everybody.” The clean-up comes after the arrest of one of Tekashi’s former crew members, who has been charged with the assault and kidnapping of the rapper.

Former Associate Attacked Tekashi

The man who allegedly pistol-whipped Tekashi69 this past July has been arrested. Anthony Jamel Ellison was arrested last week on a federal warrant. According to TMZ, Anthony has been charged with one count of conspiracy to obstruct commerce by robbery, one count of obstructing commerce by robbery and one count of carrying a firearm to commit a crime. He remains in a Manhattan federal prison awaiting trial. A source shared that Anthony was once part of Tekashi’s management crew before the rapper’s career really took off. He is also reportedly affiliated with the 9 Trey Bloods gang.

Shooting Cost Big $

The shooting at the Beverly Hills mansion where Tekashi69 was filming his music video cost the rapper’s record label almost half a million dollars. According to TMZ, the Universal Music Group spent around $480k to fund the video, which all went down the drain the moment bullets struck. As of now there are zero plans to reschedule or reshoot.

Don’t Blame The Judge

The judge who sentenced Tekashi69 to 4 years probation feels that her decision may have been a mistake, but that she is not to blame. Judge Felicia Mennin believes that the presiding judge, prosecutors and defense attorneys are at fault because they cut the original plea deal, which opted the rapper out of any prison time. A spokesperson for the Manhattan Criminal Court Judge told TMZ, “Although Judge Mennin was the sentencing judge, the long-standing plea agreement was agreed to by the presiding judge at the time, and the other parties involved.”

Shots Fired at Video Shoot

Gun shots rang out at Tekashi69’s video shoot that included Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. The trio were set to film in an $80 million Beverly Hills estate, when shots were fired at the home. The Beverly Hills police department confirmed to E! News that they had responded to a call around 10:25p.m. in the upscale neighborhood. While there were no injuries, the police would not comment on who was or wasn’t in the residence during the shooting as it is currently an open investigation. Rapper 50 Cent commented on the shooting with a tweet saying, “Now somebody done shot my son video up in LA. Kanye was like [running man emoji] #positivevibes.” 

Rap Battle

Tekashi69 says the reason he almost threw down with Slim 400 is because he is making more dough than Slim. An altercation occurred between the two rappers at ComplexCon in Long Beach on Sunday night. Tekashi was being held back from attacking Slim while doing some major trash talking. The only reason Slim didn’t get a beat down is because of Tekashi’s “precarious legal situation.”

Tekashi69 Sentenced

Tekashi69 was sentenced to probation in his child sex case. In a NYC courthouse on Friday, the rapper was given what his team had requested—4 years probation with time served, so technically 3 years probation plus 1,000 hours of community service. The 22-year-old was charged with the crime in October of 2015, after being at a party in Harlem where a 13-year-old girl was engaging in sexual acts with another man while the rapper was made obscene gestures behind the underage girl; it was all caught on video. A rep for Tekashi69 told TMZ that he “understands what he must now do moving forward and we will be with him every step of the way.”
MEANWHILE—Mere hours after his probation sentence, Tekashi69 celebrated his daughter’s 3rd birthday with his baby mama. The party had a unicorn theme and the proud papa thanked god (and the judge) for the second chance to be a family man.