Kylie The Peace Keeper

Kylie Jenner may be making amends on her sister Kim Kardashian-West’s behalf. The beauty mogul revealed her latest Kylie Cosmetics collection, which is all pinks and reds; very Valentine’s chic. It is not the colors that have caught fan’s attention however, but the names of the products. In her Forever Set, Kylie has named two of the products, “Story of Us” and “Forever and Always” which happen to be the exact titles of two of Taylor Swift’s hit songs from the 2000s.

Earlier this month, Kim shared that the beef between her, husband Kanye West and Taylor had been squashed. She even shared a video of herself listening to the singer’s hit song “Delicate” on Snapchat. So while it could be a coincidence that Kylie picked those names for her new cosmetics, it could also be an attempt to keep the peace.

Kim Plays “Squash the Beef”

The eldest Kardashian sisters appeared on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” and played a game called “Squash That Beef”—basically where guests on the show spill dets on their celeb beefs.

The topic was Kim Kardashian-West’s feud with Taylor Swift and Drake. She responded that she is “over it” in regard to Tay, saying all involved have “moved on.” She is apparently not over it when it comes to the rapper though, because when asked who she would rather be stuck in an elevator with, the answer was Taylor, for sure Taylor.

Top Tours 2018

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift hold the titles for the highest grossing tours of 2018. Ed brought in $433 million in the last 12 months. That includes nearly 5 million tickets sold on his Divide tour, and doesn’t account for any other record sales or other revenue it may have generated.

T-Swift raked in $309 million.

Third Place: Jay-Z and Beyonce: $254 million

4. Pink: $170 million

5. Bruno Mars: $168 million

6. Eagles: $161 million

7. Justin Timberlake: $150 million

8. Roger Waters: $131 million

9. U2: $126 million

10. Rolling Stones: $116 million


Taylor Swift has announced a concert film for her record-breaking Reputation stadium tour that wrapped up earlier this year. It’s set to premiere on Netflix on New Years Eve.

Coldplay is also out with its live DVD and album for its “Head Full of Dreams” tour. The live video is from its last date of a two-year tour, in Brazil. That tour broke $500 million in total sales, a mark that only U2 and The Rolling Stones have surpassed. You can get that show on iTunes and on DVD.

“Big Sis” Swift

Call her “Big Sister” — Taylor Swift is watching you.

It’s been revealed that kiosks displaying her rehearsal performance before a live show at California’s Rose Bowl was scanning the faces of audience members watching. These facial profiles were sent back to a command center in Nashville, where they were checked against a database of notable Swift Stalkers. As Orwellian as it sounds, it’s true. And it works.

The Verge reports that Chinese officials used the same technology to find a criminal in an audience of 60,000 people — but let’s not equate Chinese standards of freedom with American ones.

Shake It Off, Taylor

Laura Ingraham threw some major shade in Taylor Swift’s direction. The conservative talk show host took to twitter to tell the singer to “#shakeitoff” after her candidate lost the Senate race in Tennessee. Taylor, who got political for the first time, very publicly supported Gov. Phil Bredsen in the midterm elections. When it was clear Phil would not be winning the seat, Laura ambushed Taylor on Twitter, using her own lyrics in the burn.

Fifth Disharmony

There’s still bad blood between Camila Cabello and members of Fifth Harmony, the girl-group she left in the lurch to pursue a solo career. She says she gave plenty of notice, but the bandmates left over say she just left. To avoid any drama, they were kept plenty far away from eachother during Tuesday night’s American Music awards. Cabello was front and center next to Taylor Swift — also because Cabello had a few nominations herself. The other Fifth Harmony gals were in other parts of the theater.

Sneaky Swift

Taylor Swift loves her privacy; especially when it comes to boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift is so private with their relationship that she wouldn’t even walk the red carpet for this movie premiere over the weekend. The singer was spotted sneaking into the premiere and even exiting through a back door, according to the Daily Mail. The couple was spotted later that evening, hand in hand, so they are very much still together and into one another.

Swift in Cats!

Taylor Swift has signed on to star in the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Cats,” but Weber says he’s not sure which role she’ll play yet. If you’re into that sort of thing, he says the role will probably be for either Bombularina or Demeter Macavity. Swift famously owns her own cats, which she features prominently on social media. Jennifer Hudson and Ian McKellan have also signed on for roles.