Other Woman Writes Song About Cheating Offset

Cardi B is feeling “very torn” about her feelings toward estranged husband Offset. A source told E! that “it’s been really hard for both of them” and while he is trying really hard to win his family back, Cardi is just “not on board yet.”

MEANWHILE—the woman who is rumored to be the cause of the break-up aka the one Offset cheated with, has reportedly released a song about the whole situation.

Summer Bunni, who released a statement to TMZ apologizing to Cardi, has written and released a song called “Don’t Matter.”

If the lyrics tell the truth about what went on between her and the rapper, Cardi will likely be filing those divorce papers.

Broke Up Over a Bunni

The woman who allegedly slept with Cardi B’s husband, Offset says she is remorseful and that she never wanted to be a homewrecker.

Summer Bunni made an emotional apology to Cardi through TMZ and offered hopes that the estranged couple would be able to reconcile.

Summer and the rapper allegedly hooked up not long before Cardi gave birth to the couple’s daughter Kulture. Summer was also the woman Cardi’s hubby allegedly asked to have a threesome with that would have included wannabe rapper Cuban Doll.