Modern Family

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is under fire for requesting donations to a GoFundMe page for her late 14-year-old cousin’s funeral arrangements. Her cousin was killed by a drunk driver over the weekend. The donation page was asking for $10,000, an amount social media followers were quick to point out would be easy for Hyland to cover herself. 

Hyland did give $1000 to the fund, and Modern Family co-star Ariel Winter put in $2,5000. Hyland clapped back at the detractors on Twitter, saying the haters just don’t know all the details. 

Another Modern Family Twist

Sarah Hyland is an excellent secret keeper. The “Modern Family” actress revealed that she had known about…*SPOILER*…her character’s surprise pregnancy for months. In episode seven of the hit show’s current season, Sarah’s character Hailey lands in the ER, for a totally unrelated issue, and finds out she is pregnant. On Instagram, the 27-year-old shared that she had known about the plot twist but had “zero information on details.”