Ronda Opens Suicide Prevention Center

Ronda Rousey has teamed up with Melissa Rivers to open a new suicide prevention center in Los Angeles. The duo held a big event Thursday outside the new Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center, which will officially open on February 22.

Ronda and Melissa emphasized the importance of having a noticeable sign on the street to let people who are struggling know there is a place they can go to get help.

The WWE superstar—who lost her father and grandfather to suicide—hopes to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, so people feel comfortable reaching out for help.

Diva Drama

There is some drama brewing amongst the WWE Divas. Becky Lynch recently called out Ronda Rousey, saying she is a weak-minded person for feeling depressed after losing to Holly Holm in a 2015 MMA match. The Divas have been feuding for weeks, both in the ring and on social media. Fans thought it would finally come to a head this weekend during WWE’s “Survivor Series,” but Becky had to pull out after suffering a “broken face” on Monday night’s RAW.

Bella Beef

A feud is brewing among the WWE Divas. Nikki Bella—part of the Bella Sisters duo—has called out Ronda Rousey, claiming she has “done more for women’s wrestling than Ronda EVER has.” The feud began when Nikki “betrayed” Ronda last week by teaming up with her twin sister Brie Bella to “stomp Ronda out”. Ronda told TMZ Sports that the move was done by a bunch of “untrustworthy bitches.” While the matches are all scripted, this match seems to have boiled over to outside the ring.