Sub Par Bedroom Performance

Ray J and Princess Love (yes that’s her name) appeared on the BET show “Raq Rants” to show off their now 7-month-old daughter, Melody. The couple shared with the show’s host Raquel Harper that they would like to get working on baby #2, but one of them is having issues…performing.

Princess shared that Ray is having some issues getting “up to bat in the bedroom” lately; Ray denied the claim.

Ray J Won’t Ref

Ray J is backing out of the November 10 celeb boxing match. The singer was set to referee the fight between former “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham and Nicole Alexander (aka Hoopz). The 37-year-old’s team wanted $50K plus travel and security costs, but the promotor, Damon Feldman, didn’t have the means to supply that so Ray agreed to do the event for only $25K. Damon and fight investor Samantha Goldberg are now asking if he will do it for even less dough because the event is not selling like they had hoped. David Weintraub, Ray’s manager said, “no dice.” David also represents Farrah, who recently backed out of the fight because of similar issues with the promotor.

Kim Speaks Out

Kim Kardashian-West is speaking out about a recent report that her ex, Ray J, is discussing their previous sex life. According to the British outlet, The Sun, the singer said that the couple would have “marathon sessions,” but that Kim would “stop to do her make-up” if things got too sweaty. He added that, she also “liked to look dope during sex, the right lighting, setting the mood. She was wild.” The reality star took to Twitter to comment on the nonsense, writing, it “shows he’s a pathological liar.” The former couple is known for making a sex tape that went viral in 2003.