Law Firm Suspends Fairfax from Payroll

The law firm that employs Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax has put him on leave pending investigations into growing allegations of sexual assault. Two women have now accused the embattled second in command of the state of inappropriate sexual advances. One says Fairfax lured her into a hotel room at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and raped her, and a second came out on Feb. 8th accusing him of raping her while they were undergrads at Drake University. The law firm says they believe it’s important to respect “all persons making such allegation with respect and sensitivity.”

MEANWHILE, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski claims there’s a racial double standard in the Fairfax case. While bemoaning that there have been no legal proceedings yet—apparently forgetting the precedent virulent Democrats set in the Kavanaugh case—the “Morning Joe” co-host said she’s “worried about it for Democrats” and is concerned about a different reaction to the allegations against Fairfax compared with the allegations Gov. Ralph Northam wore blackface in the 1980s.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Dismisses Rape Allegations As “Smear”

Virginia’s Lieutenant Gov. is denouncing claims he sexually assaulted a woman in 2004 as a “smear.” The second in line for the state’s top job on Monday dismissed claims that surfaced in the Washington Post that he forced himself on a woman at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, insisting it’s a nefarious plot by those who want to stop him from taking over as governor if embattled Gov. Ralph Northam is forced to resign in disgrace.

MEANWHILE, despite calls from all corners of the Dem Party for him to step down, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam still enjoys the approval of half the state’s Democrat voters, a new poll released Monday shows. Party elders, from both of the state’s Dem senators to Nancy Pelosi, have called for his resignation after a photo of him in blackface in 1984 surfaced from a med school yearbook. His apparent support for infanticide wasn’t enough for the party to try forcing him out, but a costume did the trick.

Amid Universal Condemnation, VA. Gov. Northam Clings to Job

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam clung to his job Sunday as members of his own party began calling for him to resign. A 1984 yearbook photo of the embattled Democrat—under fire of late for controversial comments in support of partial-birth abortion—was revealed late last week in which then-medical student Northam wore blackface and stood next to someone wearing a KKK costume. Northam at first denied it was him in the picture, then did a stunning about-face and admitted it was him. Democrats across the board, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have called for him to step down.

MEANWHILE, a right wing website is reporting that one of Northam’s classmates publicized the blackface yearbook photo after Northam made comments that trivialized partial-birth abortion. Big League Politics broke the story that the classmate was incensed by the comments and decided it was time to reveal the Democrat governor is not only a supporter of killing babies, but also an apparent racist.

Sasse Lashes Out At Virginia Gov’s Gosnell-Esque Abortion Comments

Sen. Ben Sasse had some pointed words for Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam—in particular, his statements on abortion. Northam in a Wednesday morning interview said abortion should be permissible up till birth and suggested that, after the baby is born, abortion still might be a possibility that the doctor and mother should discuss. In a tweet, the Nebraska Republican blasted the notion of “infanticide” and said if Gov. Northam can’t figure out that killing a live baby is wrong, he should “get the hell out of public office.” Northam’s comments come just after a Dem Virginia legislator introduced a bill to repeal the state’s restrictions on late-term abortion.