R. Kelly Pushes Back

R. Kelly has sent a letter to one of his accusers threatening that 10 witnesses will testify about her sex life, and will produce medical records that show it was not R Kelly who gave her herpes, as she has alleged. The letter is signed by Mr. Kelly himself, and shares no other signatory — leaving in question who actually drafted the letter, since by some accounts R can’t read or write.

Another R. Kelly Tape

A VHS tape that allegedly shows R. Kelly performing illegal sex acts on minors from the 1990s has surfaced. The tape reportedly turned up in the collection of a Pennsylvania couple, who say they found it in a stash of tapes and have no idea how it got there. The owner said it was labeled “R Kelly” and he assumed it was a concert video — but it unfortunately was not.

Kelly’s attorney says the man on the tape looks nothing like his client and the previous owners could be prosecuted for possession of child pornography.

Officials are reviewing the tape.

R. Kelly’s Interview Meltdown

R. Kelly sat down with Gayle King for his first interview since being arrested on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. The journalist asked Kelly about the recent allegations and hit a “soft spot” when asking if he has ever held women against their will. The singer “exploded” and looked directly into the camera telling viewers it’s all lies. While jumping, pacing and sobbing, Kelly was heard saying “I’m fighting for my f**king life!”

Gayle kept her cool during the tantrum, later revealing that she believes Kelly has “selective amnesia.”

Germany Cancels R. Kelly Shows

One of the two shows R. Kelly was set to perform in April in Germany has been axed; the second is reportedly on its way to being axed. The venue in Neu-Ulm, Germany canceled its contract with the singer’s tour organizer on Tuesday, after R was charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse.

The singer is still booked for gigs in Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands. His attorney, Steven Greenberg, is hoping the judge will allow his client to have his passport back and grant him permission to travel for work.

MEANWHILE — It’s been revealed the restaurant entrepreneur Valencia Love from Chicago posted Kelly’s $100,000 bail to get him out of jail over the weekend. She listed her relationship on court documents as a “friend” of Kelly’s. Her patrons were none too happy, taking to Yelp to express their displeasure that she would help out a suspected child rapist. She responded, “‘Thank you I just help out a Friend if he guilty let him pay for it thru the courts. I am sure some of them.have bail out murders drug dealers etc.'”

R Kelly In Jail

R Kelly was charged Friday with sexually abusing four women between 1998 and 2010. Three of the women were underage at the time, as young as 14. DNA evidence has been provided by the alleged victims.

The judge in the case set bond at $250,000 for each of the counts, for a total of $1 million. Kelly was required to pay 10% — but he couldn’t even come up with the $100,000. His lawyer contended that despite years of record-selling success, the rapper is broke due to mismanagement and his ongoing court battles. Kelly spent the weekend in in Chicago jail as friends tried to come up with the money for bail.

It’s also been revealed he’s behind on child support and rent.

R. Kelly Ditches Chicago Studio

R. Kelly has moved out of his Chicago recording studio. Lawyers for the singer told TMZ that he is moving out because the court-ordered restrictions made it difficult for him to keep his creative process alive.

A judge limited the studio’s working hours after inspectors found an extensive list of building code violations.

R is hoping to find a place with 24-hour access to aid in his “musical innovation.”

R Kelly Grand Jury

A grand jury has convened in light of video evidence suggesting R Kelly sexually assaulted a minor. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office did not confirm, however — they’re supposed to be a secret.

MEANWHILE — Attorney Michael Avenatti, who’s represented some of R’s accusers, says his 2008 child pornography acquittal in 2008 was rigged after witnesses were intimidated.

R. Kelly Sales Skyrocket in Germany

R. Kelly may be taboo in the states, but in Germany, the show must go on…and in a bigger venue. According to TMZ, Kelly’s ticket sales are so hot in Deutschland right now that his scheduled show in Ludwigsburg in April had to get bumped to a bigger spot.

A spokesperson for the arena stated that although the singer is under investigation in the states, they are going to continue with the set plans, but have made contractual arrangements to cancel if need be.

R. Kelly Off the Hook for NY Assault

R. Kelly won’t face charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in New York. Faith Rodgers sued the singer last May, saying he forced her to have sex in a Long Island hotel room after attending his concert. Last August, in a supplemental police report, Faith stated that they engaged in oral sex “without verbal or physical resistance.”

Based on the additional report and absence of any video or photo evidence, law enforcement decided against prosecution because they found the allegations to lack criminality.

A civil case filed against the singer by Faith is still active.

R. Kelly’s Studio Violations

R. Kelly racked up a laundry list of building code violations at his Chicago studio; 66 to be exact. Each violation comes with a fine ranging between $500 and $1000 for each day they go unaddressed, which could be up to $66k a day.

Kelly’s attorney, Melvin L. Sims III says that the judge rejected the city’s motion to shut down the building completely, despite the violations, but restricted the hours of operation to 9-5.

Andrea Kelly Shares Her Abuse Story

R. Kelly’s ex-wife appeared on “Good Morning Britain” and said the stories she watched on the Lifetime docuseries rang true to her. Andrea Kelly told hosts Piers Morgan and Susana Reid that while married to the singer, she was verbally, emotionally, physically and sexually abused.

When asked if she thinks her ex is a serial abuser, she stated that “yes he is an abuser,” but refused to comment on the other women’s claims as she did not experience them herself.

Police Visit R. Kelly’s Chicago Studio

Police officers were seen at R. Kelly’s recording studio, but not for anything to do with the singer’s potential legal woes. According to TMZ, the issue appeared to be that the studio was being used as a residence, but is zoned for industrial use.

It was also revealed that R owes about $166k in back rent and is facing eviction.

No arrest was made.

More Celebs Drop R. Kelly Collab, He Seeks Revenge

The Pussycat Dolls are working with their label, Interscope, to get the song “Out Of This Club”—which features R. Kelly—removed from all streaming services. The former girl group joins other celebs, such as Celine Dion, Chance the Rapper, Ciara and Lady Gaga who have all had their collaborations with the disgraced singer removed from streaming services.

MEANWHILE–R. Kelly is not fazed by singers, who he previously collaborated with, pulling their songs. His main concern is getting back at Lifetime for the docuseries that portrayed his alleged victims. He considers all of what was said “lies” and wants to follow through with the legal threat that was directed at Lifetime by his lawyers. The potential legal ramifications for the network were all laid out in a cease and desist letter that was sent before the docuseries aired.

According to a source, R’s team is trying to dig up dirt on Lifetime execs as he is “crazed about getting revenge and will leave no stone unturned until he gets it.”

Celine Dion Pulls Song With R. Kelly

Celine Dion is the latest celeb to pull her collab with R. Kelly from streaming services. According to TMZ, the song “I’m Your Angel,” which was recorded in 1998, is in the process of being pulled by Celine’s team.

MEANWHILE—other big-name artists such as Diddy, Snoop Dog, Usher, Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z have not pulled their collabs with the now disgraced singer.

R. Kelly Thinks Daughter is being Brainwashed

R. Kelly’s daughter Joann Lee Kelly has condemned her dad’s alleged behavior, calling him a “monster.” The singer however doesn’t think his daughter is thinking for herself and has put the blame on her mother, Drea Kelly. R believes his daughter and the 2 other children he fathered with Drea, are being brainwashed by their mother. According to what sources told TMZ, he misses and loves his kids, but the reality is that he has no relationship with them and hasn’t for a long, long time.

R. Kelly’s Birthday Bust

R. Kelly’s birthday celebration in Chicago had some surprise guests. R was partying at the V75 Club early Thursday morning when police were called by an unknown caller stating that the singer was at the club and there was a warrant for his arrest. Per TMZ, the cops did show up at the club, but once it was determined there was in fact NO warrant, R was free to go. It is not clear if someone was playing a prank or really thought there was a warrant for his arrest.

MEANWHILE—Lady Gaga is apologizing for ever collaborating with the singer. She is pulling their 2013 track from iTunes and other streaming services as an act of solidarity with the women he sexually abused. Gaga spoke out on Thursday, saying the claims are “absolutely horrifying and indefensible.”

WHAT’S WORSE — The song R. Kelly appeared on was called was called “Do What U Want (With My Body).”

R. Kelly’s Victims Seek Legal Action

At least one of R. Kelly’s victims and families of two other alleged victims have contacted prosecutors in Chicago with what they believe is sufficient evidence to prosecute the singer.

Another victim, who doesn’t live in Chicago, also stated she would be contacting her local authorities.

MEANWHILE—the case against R. Kelly in which he was being sued for allegedly giving a woman an STD, has been closed. The woman, who alleges that she was held captive, plied with drugs & alcohol and given an unspecified STD, now plans to file a civil suit against the singer.

It is unclear what evidence or lack of evidence caused law enforcement to drop the charges.

MEANWHILE YET – producers of the docuseries that has put R back in the spotlight have opened up about how hard it was to get A-Listers on camera. Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Jay-Z, and Dave Chapelle have all been critical of Mr Kelly, but declined to be interviewed.

Facebook Removes R. Kelly’s Page

The Facebook page set up to highlight R. Kelly’s accusers as liars has been removed. A spokesperson for Facebook told E! News that the page “violated their Community Standards” and they will not “tolerate bullying or sharing someone’s private contact information.” The spokesperson added that they had no choice but to “take action” on the content that so blatantly violated their policies.

R. Kelly’s Rebuilding & Retaliating

R. Kelly’s ex-wife is not standing in the way of the singer contacting and repairing his relationship with their kids. Despite being one of the victims portrayed on the Lifetime docuseries, she acknowledges that the children are all grown and fully understand the accusations against their father. A rep for Andrea Lee Kelly said that her main concern is seeing if her children are even interested in rekindling a relationship with their famous dad.

None of the ex-couple’s three kids watched the six-part docuseries.

MEANWHILE—R. Kelly is in retaliation mode after all the backlash from the allegations listed in the docuseries.

One of the harshest critics was “Shark Tank’s” Daymond John who said that he was so disgusted by what he saw that he feels the 51-year-old should “make amends to the victims and the families” and then kill himself, but wait until he is in jail to do it.

The singer and his camp are in the middle of launching a new website called survivinglies.com, which will aim at exposing his accusers as liars and reveal the motivation behind their allegations. In the meantime, a Facebook page has been set up to support the cause.

R. Kelly’s Music Spikes Amid Assault Claims

Jada Pinkett Smith is questioning the rise in R. Kelly’s record sales amidst the Lifetime docuseries about the singer’s various alleged sexual misdeeds. Jada posted a video to her social media on Sunday wondering why Kelly’s streaming numbers rose after viewers witnessed the many victims sharing their stories on “Surviving R. Kelly.” The actress added that to her it appears people are not believing the victims simply because they are black women and asked followers to please share if there is something she is missing.

R. Kelly Screening Investigation

An investigation into who threatened to shoot up the NYC screening of “Surviving R. Kelly” led police to R. Kelly’s hometown of Chicago.

According to TMZ, the person of interest is a man with Chicago’s 773 area code. The name of the man has not been released and it is unclear if he has a personal relationship with the singer.

“Surviving R. Kelly” is a documentary about the 51-year-old’s alleged sexual abuse of women. It was screened Tuesday night at NeueHouse in NYC.

The documentary premieres on Lifetime in January.

Both the singer and the NYPD have declined to comment on the incident.