Kate Has Upped Her Style Game

Kate Middleton was spotted—alongside the Queen—looking very festive in a glittering custom dress at the annual holiday reception at Buckingham Palace. Along with the modest white gown, Kate donned a diamond bracelet and the gorgeous Lover’s Knot tiara, which belonged to Princess Diana.

If the reports of Prince William’s wife trying to out-style her new royal sister-in-law—Megan Markle—are true, she is definitely headed in the right direction.

Royals Allowed to Vote?

Meghan Markle, who is applying for British citizenship, is still technically a U.S. citizen, so many are wondering if she voted by absentee ballot. Apparently, the answer is, “It’s complicated.” According to Kensington Palace’s official website, the Queen is “strictly neutral with respect to political matters” and therefore is “unable to vote or stand for election.” By default, the rest of the royal family typically doesn’t vote in order to maintain the neutral stance. The Palace had no comment when asked if the Duchess would be voting.

Delighted Queen

Her Royal Highness is “delighted for” the next chapter that her grandson and Meghan Markle are about to begin, as parents. The Queen was reportedly told the exciting news—with the rest of the royal family—at Princess Eugenie’s wedding last weekend. The other members of the royal family share in the sentiment. Meghan’s mom, Doria, is also “very happy” about becoming a grandma.

The Queen’s Fake Hand

The Queen has a fake hand. More specifically, Her Royal Majesty possesses a fake hand-waving machine. People reports that the gag gift was given to the Queen years ago when she visited a group of students in Australia. According to the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne, “they gave her a stuffed glove on a wooden lever so that you could tweak the end of the lever and this hand went to and fro. Her Majesty was thrilled”. Is there anything better than a Queen with a good sense of humor?

Duchess Kate: Comeback Queen

Prince William and Duchess Kate…disgustingly adorable, right? Their relationship hasn’t always been tiaras and crumbcakes though. In fact, the couple broke up for a brief time while in college. Two theories have emerged, according to Cosmo, as to why the break-up occurred. First, Kate accidently used the word “toilet” in front of the Queen, an alleged incident that was dubbed “toiletgate”—totally serious! Second—and probably the most likely reason—William moved to an army camp in Dorset while Kate stayed in London, putting a strain on their young relationship. Regardless of the reason, Kate totally won the break-up. She was seen “living her best life” in Ireland and the tabloids couldn’t get enough. The Daily Mail published an article about how Kate started dating William’s best friend Henry Ropner. William had previously dated one of Ropner’s exes which means the new couple was getting double revenge. But at last, a few weeks into the separation and William won back his Queen—I mean Duchess—and the rest is history.

Royal Perks

Best perk of being a royal? Two words: Sovereign Immunity. This law states that the monarch aka the Queen is immune from arrest…no matter what. The other members of the royal family don’t have as big of an exception, but there are certain laws they catch a break on. The Princes, Princesses, Dukes and Duchesses cannot be arrested in civil proceedings and cannot be arrested in front of the Queen or anywhere near the palace. While the Queen believes in following and being surrounded by others who follow the laws, should something happen she wouldn’t be handcuffed and mirandized like the rest of us mere mortals.