Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Send Condolences

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are showing their support for those impacted by the New Zealand mosque shooting. The pair made a surprise visit to the New Zealand House in London where they signed a book of condolences for the victims of the Christchurch attack. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also placed bouquets of flowers outside the building.

The visit follows the joint statement released by the royal couple as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton earlier this week.

Feuding Princes

Another day, another story about drama among the royals. New reports have surfaced that the royal feud is actually between the brothers, not the sisters-in-law. Royal filmmaker Nick Bullen, who previously worked with the Prince of Wales, told Fox News that the feud started and has remained between Prince William and Prince Harry. Nick said that a “well-placed” source stated that “Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are working incredibly hard to try and make sure everybody reunites.”

As to why everyone speculated the rift was between the Duchesses? Nick said it is a much “sexier story to have two duchesses at war. One British, one American. One an actress, one sort of an English rose. Let’s put them against each other.”

Queen’s Veto

Her Majesty has vetoed the independent global “philanthropy brand” that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to create. Instead, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will set up an official household of royal aides and staffers inside offices within Buckingham Palace—under the watchful eye of the Queen.

A royal source told the Sunday Times that the royals “wanted their household to be entirely independent of Buckingham Palace, but were told ‘no’.” Their offices will however be separated from the household of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as that is just a sensible set-up to adhere to the royals’ different responsibilities.

Meg’s Loses Another Aid

Meghan Markle is losing another aid; her third in months. The mom-to-be will be saying good-bye to her “right-hand woman” Amy Pickerill. The Daily Mail reported that the Duchess’ assistant private secretary will leave shortly after the couple move out of their Kensington Palace home and into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. A royal source said, “Amy is leaving. It’s very sad for her colleagues, as she is a really popular member of staff.”

Before joining Meg’s team, Amy worked for Prince William and Duchess Kate as their senior communications officer.

Royal Godparent

With the royal baby’s due date quickly approaching, royal fans are wondering who is in line for the role of godparent. George Clooney has taken himself out of the list of potential candidates, so could it be Prince Harry’s elder brother Prince William? Likely no.

Unlike in America where it is common to pick a beloved sibling to be a godparent, that is not typically how the royals do things. Plus, Harry isn’t the godfather to any of William’s three kids.

Royal Brothers Break-Up

A royal breakup is in the works. According to E! News, Prince William and Prince Harry will be splitting their joint royal households and creating “separate courts to reflect their increasingly different responsibilities.” It is rumored that the brothers are hoping it all goes down before the birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby.

The first major division will be of the Princes’ media team, which they are working together on.

There is hope the split will ease the reported tensions between the brothers and their wives. However, the Fab Four will continue to work together on charitable causes spearheaded by the Royal Foundation.

Royal Leave

With the birth of the royal baby approaching, royal sleuths are trying to determine how long Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will be out of the spotlight. While parental leave for the royals is similar to “private citizens” aka mere mortals—2 weeks for dad, 6-ish months for mom—there is also a thing called “share parental leave.” The shared leave is where new moms and dads can share up to 50 weeks of off time. They can either stagger the time (i.e. Meg works a week then Harry works a week) or they can take the whole chunk off together.

If they choose to follow in the footsteps of Prince William and Duchess Kate, they would be sticking to the more traditional amount of leave.

Royal Feud Over Brotherly Advice

Royal experts have narrowed down what started the rumors of a feud between the Fab Four. According to Katie Nicholl, who appears in a promo for TLC’s “Kate v. Meghan: Princesses at War?” the whole debacle began over some ill-received brotherly advice.

Prince William was reportedly concerned over the speed at which Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle took off and questioned if his younger bro was sure about her being the one. Harry, who is rumored to be simply enamored with his lady love, took offense to the question and a rift began between the royal brothers. Naturally the wives would support their men, which caused a distance between the Duchesses.

Maybe the upcoming birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby will be the come together event they all need.

Evil Royal Step-Mother

While rumors of a feud between the Fab Four have been put to rest…for now…a new feud has come to the forefront. In a recent article published in The Daily Mail, royal biographer Christopher Wilson claims there is a “distance” between Prince Charles’ sons and their step-mom, Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Christopher states that for Camilla, “dealing with the family that she married into hasn’t always been plain sailing. Though to all outward appearances she has the support and friendship of Prince William and Prince Harry, privately there is a distance.”

There was also, reportedly a time that The Queen ordered that Camilla never be in the same room as her because she was to blame—not Charles—for the couple’s illustrious affair. It seems Her Majesty has since eased back on this opposition.

Prince Cranky

Prince Harry has turned into a royal curmudgeon. According to royal biographer Duncan Larcombe, the Prince’s staff feels the  typically “down to earth” father-to-be has been extremely “grumpy” and “high maintenance” lately.

Duncan also addressed the rumored feud among the royal siblings and said it was all blown out of proportion. The brothers are “so, so close” and Prince William was just looking out for the newlyweds, making sure they got “off on the right foot.”

Meghan & Harry Were Not At Kate’s Birthday Bash

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not in attendance at sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s 37th Birthday soiree. According to new reports, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated with friends and family at her and Prince William’s Anmer Hall home in Norfolk.

While it is unclear if the newlyweds could not attend or simply were left off the guest list, Kensington Palace is choosing to remain mum on the situation.

Pass the Crown, Charles

Queen Elizabeth has always been a favorite of the people, falling a little short last year to Meghan Markle, but still ranking high on the royal popularity list. Meanwhile, her son, the future King of England falls somewhere at the bottom of that list.

Prince Charles has always lacked the love and support of his people, although it is not exactly clear why. Some feel that it started when his marriage to Princess Diana failed or when he chose to marry Camilla, the woman he’d had an affair with.

Regardless of why, a recent survey conducted by Britain’s Independent showed that as much as 46% of the public thinks that Charles should pass the crown to his eldest son, Prince William. Since Charles is past the age of retirement and has not always been thrilled about the prospect of being King, passing the crown may be a realistic option.

Fab Four Reunited for Christmas Lunch

The Fab Four were spotted arriving at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday for the royal family’s annual Christmas lunch. Prince Harry walked into the event in a classic suit and tie while Meghan Markle wore a black ensemble with sparkly earrings and her long locks flowing instead of up in her usual messy bun. Prince William also chose a suit and tie and Kate Middleton stunned in a pink dress with pearl drop earrings.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the royal lunch, as well, while 8-month-old Prince Louis stayed home.

Duchess Kate Lost Aides Too

Meghan Markle is not the only Duchess to have controversy with her royal aides. Kate Middleton also had two of her staff quit shortly after marrying Prince William. According to royal expert Ashley Pearson, Kate liked to do “more for herself than anyone else in her position has ever done before” and that caused some of her staff to become upset.

While there was speculation at the time that Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton had been interfering in the staff’s duties, that proved to not be the case. It all boiled down to the fact that the Duchess had not grown up with household servants and enjoyed doing things for herself, such as cooking and taking care of her husband.

Kate Has Upped Her Style Game

Kate Middleton was spotted—alongside the Queen—looking very festive in a glittering custom dress at the annual holiday reception at Buckingham Palace. Along with the modest white gown, Kate donned a diamond bracelet and the gorgeous Lover’s Knot tiara, which belonged to Princess Diana.

If the reports of Prince William’s wife trying to out-style her new royal sister-in-law—Megan Markle—are true, she is definitely headed in the right direction.

United Christmas

The Fab Four will be roasting chestnuts and drinking cocoa together this holiday season. According to the Daily Mail, the royals will be spending the holidays together in a “show of solidarity.” Contrary to rumors that they will be apart this Christmas—Prince William and Kate were rumored to be going to the Middleton’s family home— a source told the outlet that “everyone will be in Norfolk this year.”

No Feud Here

The Kate Middleton-Meghan Markle feud appears to be Fake News. Amid mounting tabloid reports of tense moments between members of the Fab Four, Kensington Palace released a rare statement of denial.

In response to an article published by The Sun, Kensington Palace said an “explosive row” that allegedly happened between Kate and Meghan “never happened.”

Rumors of a feud began when Kensington Palace announced that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan would be moving out of the palace complex and relocate to Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle.

Tabloids jumped on the news, saying the couple was moving away from Prince William and Duchess Kate instead of the truth—the newlyweds simply need more room for their growing family.

New Royal Style

Kate Middleton is stepping up her style game. According to royal sources, the Duchess is attending more events and paying more attention to her looks—wardrobe, hair, jewelry and make-up. The mom of 3 wants to be more visible now that Meghan Markle has been commanding the spotlight.

Kate’s style change comes on the heels of reports stating there is tension between her and Meghan as well as between Prince William and Prince Harry.

There has been no comment from Kensington Palace on the Duchess’ new look or the rumored feuds.

New Royal Digs

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking to move out of their 2-bedroom Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. According to the Daily Mail, the royal couple, their two dogs and baby on the way, simply need more space. While Harry and Meghan were offered a 21-room Kensington Palace apartment—located right next to Prince William’s family—a palace spokesperson said that the future parents did not want to live there, adding “Harry and Meghan want to move, and need more space, but they don’t want to live next door to William and Catherine.”

Prince Charles’ Furry Friends

Prince Charles has some unusual new friends. The heir to the throne has been spending his time with some red squirrels that scamper about on his property in Scotland. He has given them cute little names and allows them to frolic around in his home. Prince William told Country Life magazine that his dad is “completely infatuated by the red squirrels” and he even leaves jackets laying around with nuts in the pockets for his furry friends to snack on. The 70-year-old is clearly living his best life.

Royal PDA

Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle may be rubbing off on his older brother. As of late, Prince William and Duchess Kate have been deviating from their usual no PDA rule. According to body language expert Judi James, the couple seems “altogether less formal than they did even a few months ago.” Just last month, Kate was seen placing her hand on her husband’s leg and William was spotted with his hand resting on his wife’s back. Judi believes that Meghan’s “determinedly tactile behavior with Harry” influences William and Kate. While some think the affection stems from just having their third child, Judi says oh no, “it’s a Meghan thing.”

Princes Need Their Dad

Despite previous reports of a tumultuous relationship, Prince William and Prince Harry would like to see more of their father. The royal brothers, who both appeared in a documentary about Prince Charles, said that they would like their father to spend more time at home, especially as he is getting older. William, 36, said that he would like his dad to “have more time with the children,” referring to his kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Even Charles’ wife, Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles, agreed that that her royal husband should cut back a bit and that he is a “great grandfather when he’s around.” The Duchess is referring to the 69-year-old’s relationship with her four grandkids from her previous marriage. Charles, the heir to the throne, will turn 70 on November 14th.

Princes Pick Up Trash

In a documentary about Prince Charles, his sons opened up about their dad’s passion for cleaning up the planet. Prince William and Prince Harry shared a funny story about how they got teased at school for “picking up rubbish,” something instilled in them by their royal father. Harry said, “I didn’t go out consciously looking for it, but when you go for walks anywhere and you see something and it stands out, you pick it up.” William added that Charles would take the young boys “litter picking” and how they grew up thinking it was “perfectly normal, everyone must do it.”

Royal Snub

Prince Charles was snubbed by his son, Prince William and daughter-in-law, Duchess Kate. The heir to the throne reportedly invited the couple to join him on a summer holiday to the Castle of Mey in Scotland, but they declined. While Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were up for the trip, it is unclear why the other royals said no. According to a story by the Daily Beast–written earlier this summer–a royal source claimed that William just doesn’t “get on” with his father and they “are very different people.” While Kensington Palace denied the legitimacy of the story, maybe there is some truth to it.

Lover’s Knot Tiara

Kate Middleton paid tribute to Princess Diana at a state dinner on Tuesday night. The Duchess wore one of Diana’s tiaras—the Lover’s Knot—at the event she attended with Prince William. Kate, who has worn this tiara to other royal functions, added pearl earrings that also belonged to the late Princess Di. People reports that the Lover’s Knot tiara is over 100-years-old and belongs to Queen Elizabeth, but originally was made for Queen Mary in 1914. Diana was gifted the tiara when she married Prince Charles and returned the crown to the Queen when the two separated.