Prince Philip Surrenders License

Prince Philip is driving no more. The 97-year-old who was spotted driving just days after his car accident last month has heeded the wishes of his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and surrendered his driving license.

The Duke crashed his vehicle into an oncoming car that contained two women and a baby last month. One of those women, Emma Fairweather, made a big stink about how she felt “rejected” by the royals and never received an “I’m sorry.”

An apology note has since been released by Kensington Palace, on Philip’s behalf.

Debris from Prince’s Car for Auction

Debris from Prince Philip’s car crash made its way to eBay over the weekend. User morbius77 posted a listing with items for auction that included, three plastic parts from the car and a bunch of broken glass that was picked up off the road after the crash. Prior to the auction site yanking the post, for violation of one of its policies, bids had gone as high as $85k.

Police are still investigating the crash that happened last Thursday and said they will take any “appropriate action” needed.

Injured Driver Feels Ignored by Royals

The injured passenger in the vehicle Prince Philip hit last week says she feels “ignored and rejected” by the royal family. Emma Fairweather told the Sunday Express that she still hasn’t “had any contact from the royal household,” despite a Palace spokesperson saying contact had been made and “well wishes” exchanged.

Emma suffered a broken wrist in the accident and is still waiting to hear if she needs surgery.

Prince “Dazzled by Sun” Before Accident

More details have been released about the scary car accident Prince Philip was in on Thursday. A bystander who witnessed the accident and helped free the Prince, told BBC that he overheard the royal tell police that he had been “dazzled by the sun.” According to other witnesses, the vehicle the prince was driving, “tumbled across the road and ended up upside down on the other side,” after encountering the other vehicle.

The woman and baby in the vehicle were miraculously okay, other than a broken wrist for the driver. While Kensington Palace has not released information on the crash, they did say that Philip had reached out to the woman in the other car and sent her “well-wishes.”

Prince Philip Uninjured in Car Accident

Prince Philip is a-okay after being involved in a car accident. The collision, which occurred close to the Sandringham Estate on Thursday, reportedly involved the 97-year-old royal and another vehicle. Philip was seen by doctors as a precaution, but was deemed to be uninjured.

No other details on the incident were shared.