Royal Brothers Break-Up

A royal breakup is in the works. According to E! News, Prince William and Prince Harry will be splitting their joint royal households and creating “separate courts to reflect their increasingly different responsibilities.” It is rumored that the brothers are hoping it all goes down before the birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby.

The first major division will be of the Princes’ media team, which they are working together on.

There is hope the split will ease the reported tensions between the brothers and their wives. However, the Fab Four will continue to work together on charitable causes spearheaded by the Royal Foundation.

Royal Leave

With the birth of the royal baby approaching, royal sleuths are trying to determine how long Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry will be out of the spotlight. While parental leave for the royals is similar to “private citizens” aka mere mortals—2 weeks for dad, 6-ish months for mom—there is also a thing called “share parental leave.” The shared leave is where new moms and dads can share up to 50 weeks of off time. They can either stagger the time (i.e. Meg works a week then Harry works a week) or they can take the whole chunk off together.

If they choose to follow in the footsteps of Prince William and Duchess Kate, they would be sticking to the more traditional amount of leave.

The Queen is So Over It

The Queen has made her opinion known about the drama surrounding Meghan Markle’s family. According to Vanity Fair, Her Majesty told both Meghan and Prince Harry to deal with the situation before Christmas as the “whole thing was becoming a nightmare.”

Meghan is reportedly “at her wit’s end,” but still has no plans to comment publicly on the drama, while Harry is “angry” and “upset” about his father-in-law’s behavior.

Still no comment from either of Palaces on the drama.

Meg Loves God

During a recent interview that five of Meghan Markle’s best friends (anonymously) gave to People Magazine, one got real about the Duchess’ religious beliefs. The bestie revealed that Meghan is super religious and prays regularly. She added that one can be a modern woman and “feel all the feels with feminism and be strong” while still having that critical relationship with God.

The friend concluded that Prince Harry and Meghan are both “very grounded.”

Meghan’s Banana Messages

Meghan Markle’s banana writing has caused some controversy. The Duchess and Prince Harry stopped by a charity, called One25, in Bristol the other day and while there Meghan decided to write words of encouragement on a bunch of bananas that were being handed out—as part of a whole meal—to sex workers. Cue the ridicule.

Piers Morgan started the criticism by writing “Giving a sex worker a banana is clearly exposing them to potential mockery.”

Of course, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted, “I was hoping my sister would give them each a beautiful bouquet of flowers, words of strength, and enough money to change their lives. That is what #humanitarians do. Bananas? WTF.”

Royal Feud Over Brotherly Advice

Royal experts have narrowed down what started the rumors of a feud between the Fab Four. According to Katie Nicholl, who appears in a promo for TLC’s “Kate v. Meghan: Princesses at War?” the whole debacle began over some ill-received brotherly advice.

Prince William was reportedly concerned over the speed at which Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle took off and questioned if his younger bro was sure about her being the one. Harry, who is rumored to be simply enamored with his lady love, took offense to the question and a rift began between the royal brothers. Naturally the wives would support their men, which caused a distance between the Duchesses.

Maybe the upcoming birth of Harry and Meghan’s baby will be the come together event they all need.

Bad Boy Harry, No More

Marriage and an impending fatherhood have turned bad boy Prince Harry into a ball of anxiety and nerves. Per body language expert Judi James, “Harry lost the boyish fun facial expressions that always made him look so naughty and adopted a more adult, serious mode as he changed states to husband and then father.”

Mom-to-be Meghan Markle, on the other hand, seems to be flourishing in marriage and motherhood. Judi says the Duchess shows “unmasked joy and pride” about the current state of her life.

Royal’s Are Amazing

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stopped by Bristol’s Empire Fighting Chance charity on Friday to speak with some of the kids in attendance. According to People Magazine, a 12-year-old got emotional while talking to Harry about losing his father. The Prince reportedly asked everyone to leave the room so he could have a one-on-one conversation with the young lad about the emotional turmoil of losing a parent. As everyone knows, Harry was a young boy when his mother Princess Diana died.

The young boxer later told reporters that he and the royal “had a chat for about 10 minutes” and the royal couple “were amazing people.”

Meghan’s New Crush

Watch out Prince Harry! While making her first official visit to the Royal National Theatre—since the announcement that it would be one of her royal patronages—Meghan Markle appeared to earn the affection of one young student.

During a meet and great with a group of elementary school children, a boy appeared to be unmistakably smitten with the pregnant royal. A photo of the young lad grinning up at the Duchess was shared on Kensington Palace’s Instagram and Twitter pages, earning many likes.

Evil Royal Step-Mother

While rumors of a feud between the Fab Four have been put to rest…for now…a new feud has come to the forefront. In a recent article published in The Daily Mail, royal biographer Christopher Wilson claims there is a “distance” between Prince Charles’ sons and their step-mom, Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Christopher states that for Camilla, “dealing with the family that she married into hasn’t always been plain sailing. Though to all outward appearances she has the support and friendship of Prince William and Prince Harry, privately there is a distance.”

There was also, reportedly a time that The Queen ordered that Camilla never be in the same room as her because she was to blame—not Charles—for the couple’s illustrious affair. It seems Her Majesty has since eased back on this opposition.

Prince Cranky

Prince Harry has turned into a royal curmudgeon. According to royal biographer Duncan Larcombe, the Prince’s staff feels the  typically “down to earth” father-to-be has been extremely “grumpy” and “high maintenance” lately.

Duncan also addressed the rumored feud among the royal siblings and said it was all blown out of proportion. The brothers are “so, so close” and Prince William was just looking out for the newlyweds, making sure they got “off on the right foot.”

No Nanny for Royal Baby

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gearing up for baby. The royals have opted out of hiring a nanny, for now, and are instead going to rely on help from Meghan’s mom Doria. They also plan to have a very high-tech nursery, complete with cameras, a stereo system and security windows. All the gadgets will be controlled by their smart phones.

Body Doesn’t Lie

According to body language expert Judi James, if there truly is a feud between the Fab Four, it would be hard for them to hide the feelings of animosity, even behind “polite smiles and greeting rituals.”

Judi referenced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent outing and said the couple appeared “chill” and while Harry tends to show “protective back-touches” their body language did not appear to be hiding any hostility. She added that Meghan seemed to have her signature “confident” and “dominant” self with some “gestures of ownership for her husband and her bump.”

Meghan Ruffled Some Feathers

Royal expert, Katie Nicholl has added some fuel to the royal “feud” fire. Katie told Entertainment Tonight that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first got married, Meghan had a “very roll-up-her-sleeves attitude about adjusting to the royal life and taking on the work.” She believes this may have ruffled some feathers, especially with sister-in-law Kate Middleton who did not adjust to her new role as smoothly.

Meghan & Harry Were Not At Kate’s Birthday Bash

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not in attendance at sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s 37th Birthday soiree. According to new reports, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated with friends and family at her and Prince William’s Anmer Hall home in Norfolk.

While it is unclear if the newlyweds could not attend or simply were left off the guest list, Kensington Palace is choosing to remain mum on the situation.

Thomas Markle Jr.’s DUI

Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr was arrested over the weekend. The 52-year-old was pulled over and given a field sobriety test after officers suspected he had been drinking. Thomas blew a .11—three points over the legal limit of .08—and was sent to a detox center to “sober up.”

This was not Thomas’ first run in with police. He was arrested in January 2017 after pulling a gun on his fiancé Darlene Blount. The same woman he is set to marry in March, with—very public—hopes that Meghan and Prince Harry will attend the nuptials.

Markle Family Wedding

Thomas Markle Jr. is hoping his upcoming nuptials will be the come-together event his family needs. Meghan Markle’s half-brother told The Daily Mail that he would be extending an invite to Meghan and Prince Harry. He believes that if they come, they could spend some time with his dad, Thomas Markle, and “that would be good.”

It is doubtful the royals will attend the wedding.

Duchess Un-Difficult

With all the speculation of why multiple members of Meghan Markle’s staff have quit, a source has denied that it’s because she is “Duchess Difficult.” The source, who is reportedly close with Meghan and Prince Harry, told Elle magazine that the rumors just aren’t true. Apparently, Meghan is very well-liked and her staff is very excited about her passion for her new role.

The source added that the rumor about a feud between Meghan and Duchess Kate are simply not true either.

Fab Four Reunited for Christmas Lunch

The Fab Four were spotted arriving at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday for the royal family’s annual Christmas lunch. Prince Harry walked into the event in a classic suit and tie while Meghan Markle wore a black ensemble with sparkly earrings and her long locks flowing instead of up in her usual messy bun. Prince William also chose a suit and tie and Kate Middleton stunned in a pink dress with pearl drop earrings.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the royal lunch, as well, while 8-month-old Prince Louis stayed home.

Turn Around Meghan!

Samantha Markle has something to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Christmas card…and really, why wouldn’t she?

Meghan and Harry’s card features a photo of the two of them standing side-by-side gazing at fireworks that went off during their wedding reception. The picture, which only shows the royals from behind, is what Samantha has taken offense to.

Samantha took to Twitter where she responded to Kensington Palace, writing, “Interesting that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have their backs turned. Is this towards the world or just the Ragland and Markle family? It’s a bit sad. Face the Christmas spirit.”

Royal Newlyweds Won’t Spend Xmas Morning Together

Due to royal tradition, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely spend Christmas morning apart. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, it’s typical for the royal women to have breakfast delivered to them in bed, while the men eat together downstairs.

Even the choice the breakfast options are royally different. The ladies typically “opt for a light breakfast of sliced fruit, half a grapefruit, toast and coffee. While the men eat a hearty meal of eggs, kippers (small oily fish) and grilled kidneys.”

In My Defence…

Thomas Markle spilled the beans to the DailyMail about missing his daughter’s wedding over the weekend, but it was just to clear his name, not do anything to damange Meghan’s reputation. Tom showed the paper medical records to prove he did indeed undergo surgery right before her wedding to Prince Harry, and that it wasn’t a stunt done out of ill will. One questionable quote came when he called Meghan “demanding but not rude” … though maybe that’s a good thing? A princess knows what she wants.

Royal Aide, Out

Meghan Markle is losing another aide.

Samantha Cohen—Meghan and Prince Harry’s private secretary—has stated that she does not intend to make her job permanent and “has let it be known that she intends to leave after Meghan’s baby is born next spring.”

Samantha has worked with the royal family for 17 years, starting  out as Queen Elizabeth’s former assistant private secretary.

The news of yet another of Meghan’s aide’s leaving, comes on the heels of reports that the Duchess is “difficult” to work for.

Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, quit her job after only six months, claiming that she and the Duchess had a difficult relationship.

Melissa played a key role in making Meghan and Harry’s wedding day as spectacular as it was.

Kensington Palace has not commented on Samantha’s departure or the negative reports about Meghan.

Royal Cottage’s Tragic History

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new cottage home has a super heart-breaking backstory. Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate—literally named after frogs—was home to Queen Victoria’s aide and close confidant Abdul Karim.

The story goes that members of the royal household were not fond of the bond between the royal and her aide, whether it was due to jealousy or racism is unclear. They also did not appreciate the pair’s regular correspondence via letters.

The morning after the Queen’s funeral, the royal family ordered a raid on the cottage and all of Abdul’s cherished letters from the Queen were taken and burned, right in front of him. A heartbreaking moment for Abdul and dark history in the royal family.

Following the raid, Abdul was sent back to India.