Hey Fans, Here’s My Address

Chris Brown received a visit from police following a call to the LAPD about his well-being, last Friday. The rapper, who has been beefing with Offset via Instagram, posted his home address, laying out a road map straight to him for his 50 million followers.

The cops showed up and talked to Chris’ security who said the rapper was fine. The cops advised the rapper’s team to remove post containing his address and it has since been deleted.

Chris and Off have been feuding since CB posted a meme making fun of 21 Savage’s ICE arrest. Off defended 21 which led to an expletive-laced rant from CB.

Chris Brown Beefing with Offset

Chris Brown is beefing with Offset over the ICE arrest of 21 Savage. CB clapped back after the Migos rapper called him “lame” for posting a meme making fun of Savage for being from the UK. He then challenged the fellow rapper to a fight and told him to suck his d**k. Off responded saying “coke head don’t want smoke.”

Cardi B Hopeful In 2019

Cardi B is starting 2019 off on a positive and hopeful note. A source close to the rapper shared with TMZ that Cardi and Offset are putting the drama of last year behind them and working toward the future. While the couple spent New Year’s apart, they were spotted together shortly before Christmas on a fun-filled, family vacation in Puerto Rico.

Offset Will Be Home For The Holidays

Offset has gotten one of his birthday wishes granted. The rapper will be spending Christmas with Cardi B and their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus. A source told E! News that Cardi wants him “to be a part of Kulture’s life and wants him to spend Christmas with their daughter. It’s Kulture’s first Christmas and it means a lot to Cardi to have the family together.”

Offset’s Interruption Wasn’t Planned by Cardi

Cardi B swears that Offset appearing onstage during her concert was not rehearsed. The rapper was in the middle of a set when her estranged hubby showed up on stage with a cart of roses that spelled out “Take Me Back Cardi.” The 26-year-old did not seem to appreciate the interruption and quickly had her ex removed from the stage.

Fans are now saying that the whole thing was planned because a video has surfaced showing Cardi’s P.R. manager, Patientice, leading the way for the 27-year-old and his roses.

A source close to the couple says the stunt was not known to Cardi and if her P.R. rep did in fact support it, that was only because she loves them both and hopes they are able to work things out.

Rapper Gets Crowd To Pled To Cardi

21 Savage is trying to help his boy Offset out. While performing at the Rolling Loud Festival in L.A. on Friday, the rapper got the whole crowd to chant for Cardi B to take her hubby back.

Later that night Cardi’s estranged baby daddy was seen celebrating his 27th birthday at a club, where he said his birthday wish was for forgiveness and a reconciliation.

Can I Come Home For the Holidays?

Offset is hoping to be home for the holidays. The rapper who is currently on the outs with his wife Cardi B, is hoping to spend Christmas with her and their daughter Kulture. Sources close to the couple told TMZ that the 26-year-old knows how important it is to be there for his daughter’s first Christmas.

Cardi has not made up her mind yet if she will allow her baby daddy to celebrate with them.

Other Woman Writes Song About Cheating Offset

Cardi B is feeling “very torn” about her feelings toward estranged husband Offset. A source told E! that “it’s been really hard for both of them” and while he is trying really hard to win his family back, Cardi is just “not on board yet.”

MEANWHILE—the woman who is rumored to be the cause of the break-up aka the one Offset cheated with, has reportedly released a song about the whole situation.

Summer Bunni, who released a statement to TMZ apologizing to Cardi, has written and released a song called “Don’t Matter.”

If the lyrics tell the truth about what went on between her and the rapper, Cardi will likely be filing those divorce papers.

Offset Trying To Save His Family

Offset is determined to win Cardi B back.

Sources told TMZ that the rapper was desperately trying to save his marriage before Cardi made the announcement that they were done.

The 26-year-old believes that what he wants may be impossible because of all the haters out there commenting and blogging about the failed relationship. He added that Cardi reads all that is written and takes it to heart.

Friends close the couple said that the rapper only has love for his daughter Kulture and Cardi and that he will take every chance to save his family.

No More Ring For Cardi

Cardi B has removed her 8-carat, $550k wedding ring.

As the 26-year-old headed into Madison Square Garden for iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball concert, she proudly waved her hand for fans and paps to notice the bare finger.

The move was obviously a signal to her estranged hubby Offset, who the rapper has already stopped following on Instagram.

Following the Jingle Ball concert, Offset took to Twitter to share his feelings on the matter, writing, “F**K YALL I MISS CARDI.”

Broke Up Over a Bunni

The woman who allegedly slept with Cardi B’s husband, Offset says she is remorseful and that she never wanted to be a homewrecker.

Summer Bunni made an emotional apology to Cardi through TMZ and offered hopes that the estranged couple would be able to reconcile.

Summer and the rapper allegedly hooked up not long before Cardi gave birth to the couple’s daughter Kulture. Summer was also the woman Cardi’s hubby allegedly asked to have a threesome with that would have included wannabe rapper Cuban Doll.

Cardi B & Offset Are Done

Cardi B and Offset are calling it quits. Cardi took to Instagram to announce the two are no longer together, saying she has “been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now” and adding “I guess we grew out of love.”

The parents of 4-month-old Kulture were secretly married in September 2017 and didn’t confirm the marriage until June 2018.

Cardi B Bails On Hearing

The judge in Cardi B’s strip club beatdown case has issued the rapper a stern warning: “show up to court or face getting arrested.”

While Cardi’s legal team appeared for the Monday morning hearing, the 26-year-old was no where in sight. The judge and prosecutors expressed their frustration as they had already given Cardi a 6-week extension on the case.

Cardi’s defense team also expressed their own frustration saying, they have not been able to get in touch with her directly and only found out on Thursday that the rapper had a prior commitment which would prevent her from attending the hearing.

Cardi is accused of telling her posse to attack two strip club bartenders—Jade and Baddie Gi—who she had previously accused of sleeping with her husband, Offset.

Nicki Minaj recently featured the bartenders in her music video—a big ole middle finger to Cardi.

Cardi B Surrenders

Cardi B turned herself in on Monday, in connection to a strip club fight. According to TMZ, the rapper will be charged for allegedly ordering an attack on two bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Queens, NY. Cardi had a “long-standing beef” with the bartenders—who are also sisters—because she believed one of them had slept with her husband, Offset. While at the club, she allegedly told her “posse to attack them”. Both bartenders sustained injuries, but refused medical treatment. The 25-year-old was not placed under arrest, but received a summons to appear in court on the charges.