No Question Too Bold

Nicki Minaj has no boundaries when it comes to answering fans’ questions. The rapper did an informal Q&A session with her fans via Twitter and some of the questions got very personal.

One fan was curious about how many times Nicki and her new man Kenneth Petty have sex. The fan joked that they were probably doing it 6 times a night, but the 36-year-old said that’s a bit extreme and they usually “do the deed” 3-4 times.

Nicki’s New Man Is an Ex-Con

Nicki Minaj fans are concerned about the new man in her life.

Over the weekend, the rapper announced that she is dating 40-year-old Kenneth Petty, who happens to have quite a rap sheet.

According to court records, Kenneth was convicted of attempted rape in 1995, when he was in his teens. The female victim was also in her teens at the time. He was sentenced to 18-54 months in a state prison and served 48 of those months. Kenneth also served time for a shooting someone. He pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter in 2006 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He served seven of those years.

None of the crimes are news to Nicki as it has come out that the couple dated as teens. The 36-year-old has given him another chance because she believes he is a changed man and will be faithful. Her friends say they have never seen her so happy.  

Tyra Drops Some Beats

Tyra Banks is a supermodel-turned-MC. While hosting the Altus Foundation Gala in Houston on Sunday, she unexpectedly took the stage for some freestyle rapping. The 34-year-old was pretty good at it too.

The surprise rap performance comes on the heels of her being compared to the likes of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj after dropping her new “Life Size 2” music video, in which she is in full on rap mode.

Cardi B Bails On Hearing

The judge in Cardi B’s strip club beatdown case has issued the rapper a stern warning: “show up to court or face getting arrested.”

While Cardi’s legal team appeared for the Monday morning hearing, the 26-year-old was no where in sight. The judge and prosecutors expressed their frustration as they had already given Cardi a 6-week extension on the case.

Cardi’s defense team also expressed their own frustration saying, they have not been able to get in touch with her directly and only found out on Thursday that the rapper had a prior commitment which would prevent her from attending the hearing.

Cardi is accused of telling her posse to attack two strip club bartenders—Jade and Baddie Gi—who she had previously accused of sleeping with her husband, Offset.

Nicki Minaj recently featured the bartenders in her music video—a big ole middle finger to Cardi.

Nicki Who?

Safaree has moved on from Nicki Minaj. The rapper was spotted hand in hand with reality star Erica Mena at the Jazz-Nets game on Wednesday night. While there were reportedly “immediate fireworks” the two are not yet calling one another boyfriend and girlfriend.

The relationship will be a focal point on future episodes of “Love & Hip-Hop,” of which they both appear.

Shots Fired at Video Shoot

Gun shots rang out at Tekashi69’s video shoot that included Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. The trio were set to film in an $80 million Beverly Hills estate, when shots were fired at the home. The Beverly Hills police department confirmed to E! News that they had responded to a call around 10:25p.m. in the upscale neighborhood. While there were no injuries, the police would not comment on who was or wasn’t in the residence during the shooting as it is currently an open investigation. Rapper 50 Cent commented on the shooting with a tweet saying, “Now somebody done shot my son video up in LA. Kanye was like [running man emoji] #positivevibes.” 

Lil Yachty is Team Cardi B & Cardi and Nicki Call Truce

Lil Yachty says his hands are tied when it comes to any potential collaborating with Nicki Minaj. The reason…he is team Cardi B. Yachty says that he would love to work with Nicki, but he’d have to turn her down because he and Cardi are signed to the same management team, Quality Control Music.
MEANWHILE—Lil Yacty may not have to pick sides because a truce may have just happened between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. After going for the throat during her “Queen Radio” talk show, Nicki posted on Twitter: “Ok you guys, lets focus on positive things only from here on out. We’re all so blessed. I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I wont be discussing this nonsense anymore.” Cardi shared the tweet on her Instagram and captioned it “alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!” Has the proverbial hatchet been buried for good or will the two go at again in their lyrics? Only time…and record sales…will tell. 

Tracy Sues Nicki

Tracy Chapman is suing Nicki Minaj for ripping off her song “Baby Can I Hold You.” Chapman says Miss Minaj had asked to license the song, but was denied — and ended up using half the lyrics and the melody anyway on her song “Sorry.” It had played on the radio in August 2018, but those listening heard the similarity immediately. Nicki even tweeted out the song with the caption “Sis said no” obviously referring to Chapman’s rejection to the licensing request. The track was subsequently yanked from her most recent album, but Chapman is still going after damages and never wants it released again.

Cardi B’s Music Drama

There is a battle going on around Cardi B and her new music. The rapper has recorded some new tracks in which she takes shots at Nicki Minaj. Sources have told TMZ that her team is divided on whether to leave the disses in or remove them. Some feel the lyrics would benefit Minaj by putting the spotlight on her, but Cardi said she has always put her feelings in her lyrics and doesn’t want to change that now.
MEANWHILE—Cardi B has clapped back at the TMZ story. She posted her response on her Instagram: “Dear TMZ…ya constantly got me in ya blog spreading fake s**t about me without doing ya research and even when we tell ya is not true ya still push it. Btw in REAL news my single ‘Money’ drops November 26!!”