Miley Thanks Liam For Animal Rescue

Miley Cyrus shared how Liam Hemsworth saved all 16 of their animals from the California wildfires last month.

Miley appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” last week and told the host how her fiancée rescued their four horses, two pigs, seven dogs and three cats. Apparently Liam ushered all the animals into his truck so he could help them escape safely.

The 26-year-old gushed about how thankful she was for his efforts and that she “has never loved him more.” She added that “he got a lot of action for saving the animals…Yeah, he got a lot of action.”

Miley Picked On Hailey

Miley Cyrus crashed Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin’s “Carpool Karaoke” episode and dished about childhood memories with Hailey.

Hailey and Miley have known each other since they were young, but haven’t always had a great relationship. The 26-year-old singer admitted that she and Hailey’s oldest sister Alaia would lock the young model out of their room when she tried to play with them.

Hailey added that her older sister and Miley “used to gang up on me.” To which Miley responded, “It made you who you are, you know? Now you can always take like the trolls and sh*t.”

Another Loss for Miley

Still dealing with the loss of her home, Miley Cyrus is now dealing with a major theft that occurred at her storage unit.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that someone got into the singer’s unit in San Fernando Valley and made off with some guitars—about $10k worth.

The heist went off so under the radar that initially the 26-year-old thought a family member had borrowed them. Only to later realize they were in fact missing.

Miley and Liam’s Big Donation

Despite losing their $2.5 million Malibu home, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are giving back. The couple donated $500k to the Woolsey fire relief efforts. In a statement to E! News, Miley’s rep said the “community and state are very special to them and they want to give back to the place that has created so many beautiful memories for them.” According to the statement, the money will be “used for those in financial need, emergency relief assistance, community rebuilding, wildfire prevention and climate change resilience.”

The Wests Save The Day

The Wests have some extremely grateful neighbors. Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West hired a private team to battle the flames from the Woolsey fire that were encroaching on their $60 Million house located in Hollywood Hills. Their home sits next to a field at the end of a cul de sac, so if their house started to burn, it would create a domino affect down the street. Due to their quick thinking—and probably thousands of dollars—the rest of the homes on the street are still standing. 

MEANWHILE–the growing list of celebrities who have lost their California homes continues to grow. These include: actor, Gerard Butler, singers Miley Cyrus, Neil Young and Robin Thicke and former Real Housewife, Camille Grammer.