FBI Raid of Clinton Foundation Critic Draws Criticism

Whistleblower advocates are condemning an FBI raid of a Clinton Foundation insider who reported possible wrongdoing involving the so-called charity, nuclear material broker Uranium One, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 16 FBI agents raided the home of Dennis Cain on Nov. 19, who used to work for an FBI contractor. According to the Daily Caller, those familiar with the raid said it should’ve never happened because Cain had been granted whistleblower status by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Raiding his home goes against the spirit of laws designed to protect people who report nefarious activity, experts say.

—QUOTABLE: “This isn’t how we should be treating whistleblowers who are coming forward with information about high level wrongdoing…It sends a very strong message that you will be treated as a criminal even though what you’re trying to do is expose crime or a potential crime.” -Nick Schwellenbach, Project on Government Oversight

No Charges For FBI Official Who Took Bribes, Lied

A senior FBI official took bribes, lied about it, and won’t face prosecution. The official’s first misstep was accepting free tickets for sports events from a journalist who covers the FBI, a violation of federal ethics regulations. Then, the unnamed senior official—since retired—told an inspector general that he or she paid for the tickets, a lie. But according to a report released by the office of inspector general Michael Horowitz, there will be no prosecution. That was met with scorn by conservatives who are still furious about FBI corruption in the “witch hunt” investigations of President Trump.

-QUOTABLE: “Total hypocrisy…DOJ prosecutes Mike Flynn and George Papadopoulos for lying to the FBI. But a senior FBI official accepted free gifts from a media member, lied to the FBI about it, and faces no prosecution. With the DOJ: ‘Lying to the FBI is a crime for thee—but not for me.’” -Tweet from Rep. Mark Meadows, N.C. Republican