Rich Climate Crusaders Won’t Say Whether They’d Give Up Their Private Jets

Call them the One Percent. Wealthy backers of expensive, job-killing regulations in a quest to fight global warming refused to answer when asked by the Daily Caller if they would give up their private jets as part of their climate jihad. The conservative news organization asked 31 businesses, foundations, and individuals—including Al Gore—if they would support banning gas guzzling private jets. Most didn’t respond, including Gore, who has made a fortune and a post-White House career out his Climate Change quest. The report comes as the United Nations is begging the international community for trillions of dollars to meet the Paris Climate Accord’s goals—a nonbinding, feel-good exercise that President Trump pulled the United States out of. Reps for billionaire climate activists and likely 2020 presidential hypocrites Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, both of whom enjoy fleets of private jets and helicopters, also didn’t respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Bloomberg Probably Running for President

It looks like Michael Bloomberg is serious about running for president. The New York billionaire is advising Democrats to “do something” now that they’ve won control of the House, not just rest on their laurels. In a CNN interview during a day trip to Iowa—an important early presidential primary state—Bloomberg talked about his green energy objectives and his hypothetical approach to campaigning. The media mogul, prominent gun rights foe, and former New York City mayor recently registered as a Democrat after years as an independent. He spent some $110 million getting Democrats elected in November.

—QUOTABLE: “I do think that after 12 years in City Hall, dealing with international problems and security problems and economic problems and creating jobs and the environment and guns and women’s rights and tobacco and these things, that I have a lot of experience which would be useful if I was President of the United States.” -Bloomberg

Bloomberg Ads Hint At Possible Presidential Run

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is planning a series of last-minute ads to influence the midterm elections. In $5 million worth of two-minute TV spots, the anti-gun power broker plans to speak directly to the camera, touting his so-called centrist positions against President Trump’s policies. The 76 year old Bloomberg also positions himself as a steady and experienced Washington outsider—a message fueling more speculation that the failed former New York City mayor is planning to run for president in 2020.

—QUOTABLE: “The country is deeply divided. The president and Republicans are fueling that division, and that holds us back as a nation. I’m unwilling to sit by and accept it.” -Bloomberg