Difference In Xmas Style

The royal family revealed their Christmas decorations for Buckingham Palace on Tuesday and it didn’t take long for Twitterverse to start comparing them to the one’s at White House.

Many agreed that the Palace’s style was much more tasteful than the Presidential home. With more than half of the comments being about Melania Trump’s red Christmas trees, it is safe to say Americans are not fans of the look. Some even compared them to something that would be seen in “The Shining” or “Suspiria.”

Meanwhile, the Palace is adorned with white twinkling lights, little crowns scattered about and staircases covered in greenery with multicolored ornaments.

Melania Calls for Heads to Roll at Security Council

First Lady Melania Trump is calling for the firing of a top White House National Security Council official. In a virtually unprecedented move, the first lady responded to reports President Trump was planning on removing Mira Ricardel from the NSC by saying she has to go. Ricardel is the top aide to National Security Adviser John Bolton. The motivation behind Melania’s move is unclear, but the Wall Street Journal reported the two had clashed during her visit to Africa in October.

—QUOTABLE: “It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House.” -Office of First Lady Melania Trump

Smoke Forces First Lady’s Plane To Turn Around

The First Lady’s airplane had to turn around mid-flight on Wednesday because of a “mechanical issue.” Melania Trump was en route to Philadelphia to meet families with children who were exposed to opioids in the womb when reporters saw smoke and smelled some burning on the plane about 15 minutes after takeoff, according to NBC’s Peter Alexander. The flight, which also featured Health and Human Services Secretary Alexander Azar, landed safely. A spokeswoman for Melania said the issue was “minor” and that a check was being done—as you’d hope.

Too Much from TI?

Rapper TI has released a controversial new music video, depicting him behind the desk in the Oval Office and a Melania Trump lookalike stripping down in front of him. Fans and Trump-foes say it’s just tat for Trump’s boorish tit. But potential 2020 presidential contender Julian Castro says the video goes too far — family of political players should always be off limits, he says.