Debbie Reynolds’ Legacy Reduced to Rubble

The building that housed Debbie Reynolds’ Legacy Studios was torn down over the weekend. The studio, opened by Debbie in 1979, was frequented by many A-listers, such as, Michael Jackson, Cher, Bette Midler, Mariah Carey, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Following the death of the actress, her son had planned on turning the building into a museum, but the vision never happened and the site was sold at auction in October. It is unclear what is set to be built in its place.

Debbie passed away in 2016 after suffering a stroke. She was 84-years-old.

Mariah’s Former Assistant Claims Abuse

Mariah Carey’s former assistant has fired back at the lawsuit against her with one of her own. Lianna Azarian, who worked for the singer from 2015 to 2017, has filed suit against Mariah’s former manager Stella Bulochnikov, on the claims of horrible abuse.

In the lawsuit, Lianna stated that Stella committed various acts of abuse, which included, slapping her butt and breasts, urinating on her, tackling her to the ground and sitting on her. She added that she was also called the “n-word” and a “f***ing Armenian whore.” The lawsuit states these things all occurred in the presence of Mariah, who did nothing about them.

Mariah Carey Suing Former Manager for Blackmail

Mariah Carey is suing her former personal assistant, Lianna Azarian. The singer claims that Lianna secretly recorded her doing “embarrassing” things and is now threatening to release the videos, unless Mariah pays her $8 million. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, it says that Lianna was hired as an Executive Assistant in 2015 and it wasn’t long before she started spending the singer’s money on personal items and filming her “personal activities.”

Mariah believes that if the videos are released it will be damaging to her personally and professionally. The lawsuit did not specifically say what is on the videos, but they were described as “intimate.”

Mariah Settles With Former Manager

Mariah Carey has settled in the case against her by former manager Stella Stolper. Back in April, it was announced that Stella had filed suit against the singer, stating that she had violated the U.S. Civil Rights Act, California Fair Employment and Housing Act, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

According to TMZ, the disgruntled manager claimed that Mariah would frequently walk around naked in her presence, fired her mid-contract and still owed her money.

It was not disclosed what sort of settlement the two agreed on, but according to Stella’s lawyer, Marlen Kruzhov, the two have “agreed to resolve all disputes between and among them.”