Jeff’s New Love

Jeff Bezos did NOT have a prenup with soon to be ex-wife MacKenzie, but he DOES have a new woman on his arm. The Amazon millionaire is in a relationship with “So You Think You Can Dance” host Lauren Sanchez, who is currently in divorce proceedings as well. The new couple started hooking up at the end of last year, after they separated from their respective spouses.

Despite already being in a new relationship, Jeff still claims his divorce is amicable.

Amazon Founder Divorcing

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife of 25-years. Jeff announced the news on Wednesday, saying that after a trial separation he and MacKenzie have amicably decided to end their marriage.

The parents of 4 children, live in Washington which is a community property state, meaning assets accrued during marriage are split 50/50 UNLESS there is a prenup. There does not seem to be a prenup in this case, which means Jeff’s $137 million is up for grabs.

The couple also own about 400,000 acres of property.