Ariana’s Cover Ups

Ariana Grande is slowing erasing Pete Davidson from her life. The singer, who earlier this year got the number “8418” tattooed on her foot—the badge number of Pete’s fire fighter father who died on 9/11— recently covered it up with “Myron.”

Myron is the name of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller’s dog, who she adopted following the rapper’s death.

Ariana also covered up “Pete,” which she had tattooed on her ring finger, with a black heart.

Interestingly, her ex fiancé Pete covered up his Ariana neck tattoo with a black heart as well

Lil Xan Heading to Rehab

Lil Xan is checking into rehab. TMZ announced on Thursday that the rapper will be checking himself into a facility by next week and is looking forward to getting clean so he can finish his Mac Miller tribute album. The 22-year-old said that the death of Mac really opened his eyes about his opioid addiction and while he curbed his drug use, he feels that he needs that extra step to get completely clean.

Lil Xan Cutting Back

The death of Mac Miller as well as Demi Lovato’s overdose has rapper Lil Xan opening up about his own addiction struggles. The 22-year-old reached out to TMZ—after the news about Mac’s cause of death was released—and said that he used to deal pills before becoming a rapper. Xan also stated that fentanyl terrified him and his “friends were taking it, they were puking” and that’s when he decided to get “out of the game.” While Xan is not totally clean, he said that he has “curbed his drug use.”

Mac Miller Needed Better Influences

French Montana has regrets surrounding the death of Mac Miller. The 33-year-old said that he believes he could have stopped the rapper from overdosing. French thinks that Mac just didn’t have good people around him and could have used a “big brother figure in his life to tell him to cut it out.”

Mac’s Home For Rent

The home where Mac Miller died has hit the market. The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house in San Fernando Valley is up for rent for $9,595 a month. The 3,156 square foot home has panoramic city and canyon views, a private courtyard and a built-in brick BBQ. Anyone looking to rent the home will be notified of the death because there is a law in California that requires realtors to disclose to anyone buying or renting a home that someone died there within 3 years of a transaction.

Thank God It’s Over

Friends and family of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are feeling “relief” about the couple’s recent break-up. Sources told People that “everyone around the couple is fairly relieved that the whirlwind relationship is over.” The couple, who got engaged after only a month of dating, had both just gotten out of serious relationships; hers with rapper Mac Miller and his with actress Cazzie David. Ariana’s family felt that she “threw herself into the relationship” but was at least “mature enough to realize [it] wasn’t the right relationship or the right time to get married.” Since the split, Pete has moved out of their apartment and joked about how he is looking for a roommate.

Ariana Apologizes for Her Face

It’s safe to say, Ariana Grande cannot wait for 2018 to be over. From the death of her ex, Mac Miller to her recent called off engagement to Pete Davidson, the singer has had one heartbreak after another. Now the 25-year-old is dealing with internet trolls making fun of her appearance. Ariana, who only recently returned to social media, posted a selfie and followers went nuts commenting on the size of her forehead. She clapped back at the haters, sarcastically apologizing for the size of her forehead and then telling them all to go suck one. Here’s to 2019 girl!

Blame Mac

Mac Miller’s death was the tipping point that began the end of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s engagement. She was distraught about her ex-boyfriend’s apparent drug overdose, and had tried repeatedly to get him into rehab. Following the death it caused her to re-evaluate her relationship with Davidson, realizing she rushed into it; the pair did get engaged after dating only briefly.

MEANWHILE — bystanders say the pair were all hugs and kisses during SNL on Saturday night. There was apparently no big blowup sending them apart; it was just time.