Bow Wow & GF’s Knock-Down Brawl

Details have emerged about, what police are calling a knock-down, drag-out fight between Bow Wow and sometimes girlfriend Leslie Holden. The fight started because the rapper became jealous that his GF was “all over another man’s body” at a party earlier in the evening. He states that they argued and he asked her leave, placing her bags at the door. The gesture enraged her and she threw a lamp at him and scratched him on his face (the marks are clearly visible in his mug shot).

Leslie states that her beau hit her in the head, pulled her down by her hair and dragged her from the bedroom.

In the end both were arrested, with Bow posting bail later the same day.

Bow Wow and GF Arrested

Bow Wow was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly beating a woman. When police arrived, it was unclear who the aggressor was, as both parties had visible injuries, so the woman—Leslie Holden—was also arrested. Leslie, who goes by Kiyomi Leslie, is the rapper’s on-again, off-again girlfriend. Both were charged with misdemeanor battery.

Bow was released on bond later the same day.