Bezos Mistress’ Brother Likely Leaked Billionaire’s Sexts

The brother of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ mistress likely leaked nude photos of the billionaire to the National Enquirer, the Daily Beast reported Sunday. A lawyer for the tabloid’s parent company on Sunday strongly hinted that Michael Sanchez, brother of news reporter and Bezos lover Lauren Sanchez, is the person who supplied Enquirer with the lurid text messages that have been at the center of Bezos’ allegations that he’s being blackmailed by the publication. Bezos claims National Enquirer honchos told him if he stated publicly their reporting on him isn’t politically motivated, they wouldn’t put the naked pics out for the public to see.

Amazon CEO Challenges Tabloid Over Alleged Blackmail

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says tabloid National Enquirer is blackmailing him over nude photos. In a blog post titled “No thank you, Mr. Pecker” (you can’t make this up) the world’s richest man says he was threatened with the publication of nude pics of him and suggestive photos of news anchor Lauren Sanchez, his mistress. Bezos alleges the threats are an attempt to blackmail him into silence over the tabloid’s investigations into his personal life, which Bezos believes are motivated by the parent company’s connections to President Trump.

Jeff’s New Love

Jeff Bezos did NOT have a prenup with soon to be ex-wife MacKenzie, but he DOES have a new woman on his arm. The Amazon millionaire is in a relationship with “So You Think You Can Dance” host Lauren Sanchez, who is currently in divorce proceedings as well. The new couple started hooking up at the end of last year, after they separated from their respective spouses.

Despite already being in a new relationship, Jeff still claims his divorce is amicable.