Rob’s Date Night with Ex’s Enemy

Rob Kardashian enjoyed a home cooked meal from his “crush,” Alexis Skyy. The two were seen enjoying one another’s company on Rob’s Snapchat story, in what appeared to be Kris Jenner’s kitchen. The “Love & Hip Hop” star told the camera she was making her “bae” some chicken breast, hot wings and macaroni and cheese.

The unofficial couple’s date night comes on the heels of an altercation between Alexis and Rob’s ex and baby mama Blac Chyna. The two women were at a private party in Los Angeles over the weekend when Chyna threw a drink in the other woman’s face, causing chaos to ensue.

Chyna has not commented on what sparked her to throw the drink or her ex’s date night with her new enemy.

Kendall’s The Ad Backlash

Kar-Jenner fans were extremely disappointed and underwhelmed when it came to Kendall Jenner’s “brave and vulnerable” story. Momager Kris Jenner hyped up her daughter’s “struggle” and when it was revealed that Kendall suffered from acne and was the new face of Proactiv, fans were left saying “huh?”

The commercial aired during the Golden Globes red carpet coverage and was shared by Kendall on her Twitter page. Fans went on the attack saying that acne was not a “raw” story or anything to be ashamed of, as us mere mortals have all experienced it and aren’t getting mega-ad deals out of our “pain and suffering.”

One fan unfollowed the model saying “This is the big announcement? Done. Reasons your sisters are more badass than you number 235568887643!”

Caitlyn Jenner Has a Favorite Kardaughter

Caitlyn Jenner has a strained relationship with her step-daughters since splitting with their mom Kris Jenner, but there seems to be one Kardaughter that she is quite fond of.

While speaking at a panel during a WE tv event in Beverly Hills, Caitlyn reflected on Kim Kardashian-West’s success and how she has remained in the spotlight all these years.

The 69-year-old said, “You take Kimberly…She has been doing this show for, like 12, 13, years now and has stayed relevant. You see actors come in and do their job and they’re relevant for one show or one movie and then you don’t see them for three years. Kimberly’s been out there; she’s extremely smart.”

No More Kardashian Xmas Card

While previous reports alluded to the demise of the annual Kardashian Christmas card being Tristan Thompson’s fault, that is not the reality of the situation.

Kim Kardashian-West explained to E! News that after the drama last year, the family feels they no longer have it in them to coordinate a card. They also don’t think they could create something that would top the masterpiece from last year.

Kim added that she and hubby Kanye West would be hosting the traditional Christmas Eve Party this year, because “Kris Jenner has given up.”

Mrs. Travis Scott

Travis Scott has sparked marriage rumors again. During his show in Houston on Saturday night, the rapper gave Kylie Jenner a shout out and referred to her as “my beautiful wife.” The 26-year-old also commented on a photo Kylie posted writing, “I love you wifey.” The couple has already gotten their blessing from Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, so if they aren’t already hitched, maybe it will happen soon.

Mommy to the Rescue

Rob Kardashian had to have his mommy help him with his failing sock line. The 31-year-old was reportedly $300k in debt and forced to sell half of his company to his mom Kris Jenner. The official documents put a cute spin on the actual events, writing that Kris “infused it with capital” and therefore gained 50% of the company.

Khloe’s Konfused

The status of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson has everyone confused. The couple and their daughter True Thompson were supposed to move to Cleveland at the end of summer, but in the midst of more cheating rumors, Khloe decided her and True would not be going. Fast forward to this past week, when Khloe’s mom Kris Jenner appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and revealed that her 32-year-old may in fact be prepping to move to Cleveland to join her baby daddy. That “maybe” was soon contradicted by a source that told People, Khloe “very much seems over Tristan.” A different source added that Khloe “hasn’t decided yet what she wants to do about the relationship.” All fans can do is try to “keep up with the Kardashian.”

Baby On The Brain

Kylie Jenner is already thinking about baby #2. The reality star wants to give daughter Stormi a sister, but just not anytime soon. The 21-year-old shared in a recent Snapchat Q & A, that she wants to expand her family. She also talked about Stormi’s amazing bond with dad Travis Scott. Jenner said that her little girl is “obsessed with her dad” and they “have this crazy connection.”
MEANWHILE—Kylie posted a photo of her beau Travis Scott to her Insta-story, with the word “hubby”. The post got some fans speculating about potential marriage plans in the near future, while others thought she was just being flirty. Both have said they want to get married and momager Kris Jenner is already on board with the idea of making things official. Maybe next season of KUWTK will have a wedding special.

Keeping Up with Cardi B

CARDI B hung out with KRIS JENNER and KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST over the weekend. The rapper joked that she is now “a part of the rich people club” after spending a girls’ night in at Jenner’s Los Angeles home. It is unclear if the rapper had other business in L.A. or maybe she was simply there for a playdate with her and Kardashian-West’s young daughters, KULTURE CEPHUS and CHICAGO WEST.