Hart the MVP

Kevin Hart had trouble getting in to the Patriots after-party despite having field access on Sunday night. He and wife Eniko Parrish were stopped by security guards — the incident was captured on cell phone and it looks like Hart at first thought it was a practical joke. After a bit of arguing, Jonathan Kraft — son of owner Bob Kraft — intervened to wave the comedian through.

Apparently we’re past the old twitter comments that got him booted from the Oscars hosting gig.

Kevin Hart Apologizes Again

Kevin Hart is apologizing once again to the LGBTQ community. On his “Straight From the Hart” podcast, the 39-year-old said that he felt his prior apologies were getting “chopped up” and wanted to state his feelings on the matter again.

Kevin appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show last week to discuss the matter. Ellen told the actor that the LGBTQ community accepts his apologies and forgives him.

Funny Money

Despite the Oscars Twitter controversy, Kevin Hart is doing ok. He took the number two slot on Forbes’ list of highest-paid comedians for 2018 with $57 million in earnings.

Jerry Seinfeld has held the top spot all but one year since the list started in 2006; this year he raked in $57.5 million, barely edging Hart. 

Dave Chapelle came in third with $35 million. Chris Rock in fourth with $30 million. And Ricky Gervais in fifth with $25 million.

No Host Oscars?

With Kevin Hart’s unexpected departure as the Oscars host, the Academy is scrambling. They’re set to meet tonight to go over options. One top comedy agent tells Variety they have no idea what they’re going to do, but one idea is emerging as a favorite: No host. Instead, celebs would do bits and throw to commercials between awards and show segments. It’s not the worst idea; with no one wanting to do it and some hosts getting bad reviews before the show even airs, the Academy would be taking a major stumbling block off the table, and move closer to a format that might once again attract massive audiences. Viewership numbers have plummeted over the last decade.

Hart Knock Life

Kevin Hart can’t catch a break. A woman who attended his show in San Diego last July is suing because she wasn’t allowed to use her cell phone to check an app that monitors blood sugar. The plaintiff is diabetic, and was feeling unwell, but was asked to leave when security saw her taking the phone out. Fortunately — the suit is against the venue and Live Nation, not Hart himself.

Hart: Out

That was quick: Comedian Kevin Hart is out as the host of the Oscars in 2019. There was uproar over previous tweets deemed to be anti-gay. Meanwhile, online videos surfaced of his 2010 act which had a whole bit on wanting to be sure his son wasn’t gay. Hart took down the offending tweets during the furor, but it wasn’t enough. 

He at first refused to apologize, saying he’d addressed these criticisms previously. Then, without apologizing, he bowed out from hosting duties in the early hours of Friday morning. In a lengthy Instagram post and video he apparently took while lying in bed, he says he’s evolved, said people are just looking for things to be mad about, and is putting the entire issue to rest.

Oscar Host: Kevin Hart

The Oscars had been struggling to find a host for its 2019 broadcast — but landed on Kevin Hart. Following lackluster ratings and the La La Land Best Picture snafu, A-listers aren’t clamoring for the top emcee spot.

The Hollywood Reporter says that everyone who’s anyone had turned it down, including Oprah, Justin Timberlake, Julia Louis-Drefyus, Jerry Seinfeld, and even Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a team effort, who successfully helmed the Golden Globes a few years back.

The job requires weeks of work for a paltry low-six figures; the media, critics and fans inevitably rip the host to shreds; and the show does little to make the host more visible or famous.

In recent years, no one has done it more than twice, including Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen Degeneres, Hugh Jackman, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart. In contrast, Bob Hope did it 19 times in his heyday.

Hartnite Party

The Harts threw quite the bash for son Hendrix Hart’s 11th Birthday. The family—which included Kevin Hart, ex-wife Torrei Hart and current wife Eniko Hart—celebrated with a Fortnite party on Saturday. The Hart parents dubbed the party the “Hartnite Birthday Royale.” No strangers to elaborate shindigs, the parents previously threw a “Black Panther” themed party for daughter Heaven Hart.