Ellison Claims He Was Abused In Divorce Papers

Keith Ellison claims his ex-wife was abusive. According to court filings from 2015, a reason the Minnesota Democrat and former spouse Kim Ellison got divorced was that she repeatedly physically abused him during their 25-year marriage. Keith, also a candidate for Minnesota attorney general, said in the documents that she “hit me too many times to mention” during their marriage. Ellison is facing his own recent and credible allegations that he abused another woman, a girlfriend named Karen Monahan.

—QUOTABLE: ”The Respondent [ex-wife] constantly blamed her physical abuse of me on her depression and MS, but would always do it again.” -Ellison in the court filing.

Minneapolis Police Referring Ellison Case Elsewhere

Citing conflicts of interest in city government the Minneapolis Police Department is seeking an outside agency to investigate the domestic abuse claims against Rep Keith Ellison D-MN.

The Democratic Farmers Labor Party has been seeking a full investigation into domestic abuse charges brought against Ellison who is the Deputy Director of the DNC and the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in Minnesota.

A former girlfriend, Karen Monahan has accused Ellison of domestic abuse stemming from an incident in Ellison’s home in 2016.

A report that was commissioned by the DFL and led by a city prosecutor and investigator determined that there was insufficient evidence to proceed as Monahan would not turn over a video of the incident she claims to possess.

Ellison’s son, Jerimiah, is on the Minneapolis City Council and therefore citing a conflict of interest the Minneapolis Police Department is turning the investigation over to an outside agency yet to be named.

The Dakota County City Attorney has aid they will not review any further information regarding the incident until there is a report by an outside law enforcement agency.