No More Kardashian Xmas Card

While previous reports alluded to the demise of the annual Kardashian Christmas card being Tristan Thompson’s fault, that is not the reality of the situation.

Kim Kardashian-West explained to E! News that after the drama last year, the family feels they no longer have it in them to coordinate a card. They also don’t think they could create something that would top the masterpiece from last year.

Kim added that she and hubby Kanye West would be hosting the traditional Christmas Eve Party this year, because “Kris Jenner has given up.”

Kanye Put The Phone Away

Kanye West apologized to Broadway star Jarrod Spector for his poor etiquette. Jarrod, who stars as Sonny in the new Broadway show “The Cher Show,” called out Kanye for being on his phone during the show.

The fashion mogul, who attended the show with Cher obsessed wife Kim Kardashian-West, must have had pretty good seats for the actor to call him out. Jarrod took to Twitter to share his annoyance writing, “Hey @kanyewest so cool that you’re here at @TheCherShow! If you look up from your cell phone, you’ll see we’re doing a show up here. It’s opening night. Kind of a big deal for us. Thanks so much.”

Mr. West replied to the tweet with his apology writing, “Please pardon my lack of etiquette. We have so much appreciation for the energy you guys put into making this master piece.”

A source added, “Kanye loved the production and was taking notes on his phone.”

Air Force Yeezy

Kim Kardashian-West is used to glamor and luxury, but even she was impressed with the private 747 jet husband Kanye West is using to travel while promoting his Yeezy Brand. She shared pics of the tricked out private plane to Instagram early Monday morning — featuring a fully private bedroom and restroom, and plenty of luxurious amenities. Kim even brought along her personal trainer before her “long flight” — but no word on where Air Force Yeezy touched down.

Kanye Donate’s To Victim’s Family

Kanye West made a considerable donation to the family of the Chicago security guard who was wrongfully killed. Kanye heard the story of Jemel Roberson—who was gunned down by police after stopping a drunken man with a gun—and wanted to help. The 41-year-old donated $150k to the Roberson family on Friday. The murder is still under investigation.

Lorde Not Happy About Copy Cats

Lorde called out Kanye West and Kid Cudi for stealing her set idea. The “Green Light” singer alleged that the male performers stole her idea of performing in a floating glass box. The 22-year-old shared a photo of her floating glass box design alongside a photo of the one Kanye and Cudi used during their performance Sunday night in L.A; there is barely any difference between the two designs. She captioned the photos, “I’m proud of the work I do and it’s flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves. But don’t steal—not from women or anyone else—not in 2018 or ever.”

The Wests Save The Day

The Wests have some extremely grateful neighbors. Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West hired a private team to battle the flames from the Woolsey fire that were encroaching on their $60 Million house located in Hollywood Hills. Their home sits next to a field at the end of a cul de sac, so if their house started to burn, it would create a domino affect down the street. Due to their quick thinking—and probably thousands of dollars—the rest of the homes on the street are still standing. 

MEANWHILE–the growing list of celebrities who have lost their California homes continues to grow. These include: actor, Gerard Butler, singers Miley Cyrus, Neil Young and Robin Thicke and former Real Housewife, Camille Grammer.

Shots Fired at Video Shoot

Gun shots rang out at Tekashi69’s video shoot that included Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. The trio were set to film in an $80 million Beverly Hills estate, when shots were fired at the home. The Beverly Hills police department confirmed to E! News that they had responded to a call around 10:25p.m. in the upscale neighborhood. While there were no injuries, the police would not comment on who was or wasn’t in the residence during the shooting as it is currently an open investigation. Rapper 50 Cent commented on the shooting with a tweet saying, “Now somebody done shot my son video up in LA. Kanye was like [running man emoji] #positivevibes.” 

Kanye Beefing With the King of Burgers

Kanye West is part of another Twitter feud. The rapper is now “beefing” with Burger King. After Ye tweeted “McDonalds is my favorite restaurant,” the fast-food chain retweeted it saying, “eyes still closed I guess,” and then went savage with another retweet saying, “explains a lot.” Wendys even joined in the feud, retweeting Kanye’s tweet and writing “I’m my favorite restaurant.”

Stick To What You Know

Piers Morgan thinks Kanye West needs to stay in his lane. The Brit told TMZ that he thinks the rapper has become “a joke” and that Kanye distancing himself from the President and politics is probably the smartest decision he has made lately. Piers thinks Yeezy needs to “chill on talking politics ‘cause the dude can’t make up his mind on where he stands.” The 53-year-old does support Kanye being a gun control advocate however, and thinks that he should launch a campaign for the cause.

Kanye is DONE with politics

Kanye West is done with politics — he said he’s been used, and just wants to focus on his art. Many took the stream of tweets announcing his departure from political circles as a rebuke of Donald Trump, but Yeezy clarified to TMZ that he very specifically did not mention the Commander in Chief in his tweets. Instead, he was referring to being exploited by the “BLEXIT” movement — the group of African Americans who are exiting the Democrat party for Trump’s Republican party. He never wanted to be associated with the group but says they attached his name to it anyway. 

Seven is a Lucky Number

Kanye West wants more babies. The rapper reportedly told his wife, Kim Kardashian-West that he wants seven kids. Kim told her friend Larsa Pippen that Kanye is “stuck on seven” to which Larsa replied that Kanye should “name his next album Seven and lighten up on the kids situation.”

Kanye Supports Candidate

Kanye West is getting political, again. The rapper is supporting Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyia with his time and about $74k. The money went to clear Amara’s debt to the Illinois State Board of Elections, which was the final step for her to get on the ballot. While the candidate is thankful for Kanye’s support, she says she has made it clear she does not support his “love of President Trump.” Amara is seeking to replace current mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Kim’s Independence

Kim Kardashian-West opened up about her marriage with Kanye West. The mom of three shared with Alec Baldwin on his show, “The Alec Baldwin Show,” how she has had to be less independent since marrying Kanye. The reality star said, “I think being with a man like Kanye, you have to learn how to be a little bit not-so-independent. When you get married and have a husband that has their career and then have kids, your independence…you have to let it go.” 

Kim K Turns 38

Kim Kardashian-West turned 38 on Sunday! The reality star was surprised a day early by husband Kanye West with some special gifts. The mom of three woke up to a male musician playing a grand piano and a giant display of exotic, pink flowers hanging from the ceiling. Kim posted a video of the surprise on her Instagram saying “this is what I wake up to, guys. Kanye’s the most creative when it come to sending me flowers for my birthday!” Apparently, all is forgiven after the backlash from Kanye’s SNL Pro-Trump rant.

West Goes East

Kanye West is in Africa, reportedly to finish his album, but he’s meeting with dignitaries along the way. During a visit with Uganda’s president Yoweri Musuveni, Ye presented the head of state with a pair of signed Yeezy sneakers. Kanye told the prez he wanted to create the next Jurassic Park in Uganda — he was light on details. Musuveni also asked Kim Kardashian-West the question on so many’s minds: What she actually does for a living. She politely responded that she’s on a TV show.

Tei Loves Ye

There’s no love lost between Chrissy Teigen and Kanye West over his politics and support of President Trump. Teigen tells Vogue that Kanye’s always been outspoken and opinionated — she acknowledges she’s a left-winger but also lets others disagree. Trump famously blocked Teigen on Twitter after heated criticisms. 

Kim K, A Witch?

Kim Kardashian-West has been accused of using witchcraft. The accusation comes from Scandal actor Columbus Short, who stated the reality star uses witchcraft against Kanye West to “torment” him. Short posted a photo of West zoning out, while Kardashian stood nearby with a smile, claiming the photo is proof of the witchcraft. He added that “both men and women all over the WORLD are unknowingly being tormented by witchcraft. And this [photo] is what it looks like.”
MEANWHILE—Kardashian gal pal Larsa Pippen has come to the couple’s defense saying “She’s a great wife. She’s trying to support him and he means well. He’s coming from a good place. If you spoke to him you’d really realize that he really is a genius. He’s way ahead of our time.”

Love & Hate for Kanye

Kanye West faced some fallout from a few of his fellow artists after his meeting with President Trump. Rapper T.I. expressed his disappointment via social media, posting, “This is the most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen.”
MEANWHILE—TMZ caught up with rapper Mally Mall outside of the Staples Center, where Drake performed on Saturday. Mally told them that Kanye West is “nothing less than a genius” and is “doing great work, trying to help the United States.”

West Family Arrives in Africa

Kanye West has landed in Africa. The rapper and Kim Kardashian-West, along with their three children and an entourage of security and a nanny, arrived at a five-star luxury resort. In true Kanye fashion, he hopped on the counter while being checked in, as hotel staff gawked at the audacity. The 41-year-old will be producing music and shooting some videos while there. Big Sean is also rumored to be staying at the resort and will most likely be collaborating on the album. Kanye said he wanted to travel to Africa to “feel the energy” and “record into a mic that’s in the middle of nature.” The family is scheduled to stay until October 19th.

Kanye Solidifies Love Of Trump

Kanye West is giving President Trump a big bear hug, figuratively speaking. West visited the White House on Thursday to discuss his ideas for criminal justice reform and unifying the country. In particular he encouraged the president to oppose stop and frisk policies in places like Chicago. Afterwards, West told reporters, “I love this guy” and credited Trump with making progress on North Korea.

—QUOTABLE: “A liberal would try to control a black person through the concept of racism, because they know we are very proud, emotional people…When I say I like Trump, they say ‘Oh, but he’s racist.’ Do you think racism could control me? That won’t stop me.” -West

—QUOTABLE: “He can speak for me anytime he wants. He’s a smart cookie. He gets it.” -Trump

Ye Bill Signing

Kanye West and President Trump’s lunch discussion is scheduled for today, and Ye will stick around for a special bill signing ceremony. Trump will be signing the Music Modernization Act into law. The bill is intended to be a boon for both artists and streaming services by decreasing the liability those services can incur if they stream music according to appropriate guidelines. Recording Academy President Neil Portnow is going to be on hand too.


Kanye West is headed to the White House. He’ll meet with President Trump on Thursday to discuss gang violence and promoting American manufacturing — probably a nod to Yeezy’s fashion empire. He’s following in the footsteps of wife Kim Kardashian-West who earlier this year successfully lobbied for the early release of a convict. 

Put Kanye on Meds

SNL star Pete Davidson says Kanye West should go on medication for mental illness following Ye’s pro-Trump remarks on the show last week. During “Weekend Update,” Davidson quipped, “There’s no shame in the medicine game. I’m on ’em. It’s great'” — but was he making light of mental illness, which should be a serious issue? 

Davidson also said no one stopped West from wearing his red Make America Great Again hat all week, despite his assertions that showrunners didn’t want Kanye to wear it on stage. 

Does Ye Want a Tesla?

Kanye West is now defending Elon Musk. He made a bizarre impromptu appearance at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, when he hopped up on a table in a common area and started shouting “Leave the man the f*** alone!” Musk is in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a tweet he made about taking Tesla private, for which he’s already settled. No word on why Ye feels such allegiance to the eccentric billionaire.