Dems Up To Dirty, Old Tricks In Key Races

The left is up to its old dirty tricks in a some key U.S. Senate races. Mail pieces sent to voters in Missouri attacking Republican candidate Josh Hawley, who is challenging incumbent Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill, lack a required “paid for by” disclaimer. That would be against the law. But an investigation traced the mail pieces to a printing company that’s a go-to for Democrat campaigns. A similar “dark money” influence campaign in Montana is directing conservative voters to the Libertarian third party candidate and also was traced to a Dem vendor.

McCaskill Distances Herself From “Crazy Democrats”

Embattled Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is keeping her fellow Democrats at arms’ length. McCaskill, in a white-knuckles race to hold on to her seat against Republican challenger Josh Hawley, explained what she meant by a recent comment that she doesn’t side with “crazy Democrats.” Those are the ones who mob people in restaurants, scream in peoples’ faces, and basically do what good left-wing activists do these days. She was also a bit critical of fellow Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, with whom McCaskill said she disagrees “on a bunch of stuff.”

—QUOTABLE: “The crazy Democrats are people who walk in restaurants and scream in elected officials faces…We have a state senator here in Missouri that actually advocated for the assassination of President Trump. That’s a crazy Democrat.” -McCaskill

Missouri Senate Race Turns Ugly

The Missouri senate race is getting ugly. Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Josh Hawley shared a photo on Wednesday of a yard sign spray painted with a swastika. “Is this really what it’s come to?” he asked. The race between Hawley and incumbent Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill is tight, with RealClearPolitics calling it a toss up. For her part, McCaskill also weighed in in a tweet—“I agree. Disgusting,” she wrote.

McCaskill Falls Behind GOP Opponent In Re-Elect Bid

More bad news for Senate Democrats. The Republican challenger in Missouri, attorney general Josh Hawley, is now pulling ahead of incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill. Hawley is now polling outside the margin of error, according to internal polling from the GOP candidate’s campaign, leading by 7 points. Hawley’s pollsters attribute the bump to more fallout from the confirmation fight over Brett Kavanaugh—in particulary, McCaskill’s party’s antics and her ultimate “no” vote. The race promises to be one of the closest in the country.

Missouri Senate Race Heats Up

Sen. Claire McCaskill is facing, and benefiting from, a renewed onslaught of outside money. Polls haven’t favored the Missouri Dem after she voted against the confirmation of Brett Kavanugh to the Supreme Court—McCaskill and GOP challenger Josh Hawley are now virtually tied. More than $41 million from outside groups has flooded the state in a barrage of TV and radio ads, the most of any Senate race in the country. The ads are mostly negative, portraying the other side as a corrupt self-serving Washington insider—in the case of McCaskill—and a political ladder climber beholden to corporate special interests in the case of Hawley.