Is Depp Innocent?

Johnny Depp is asserting the accusations of domestic abuse leveled by ex-wife Amber Heard are unfounded — and he’s thanked authjor JK Rowling for standing by him in the media. When accusations surfaced that Depp had gotten violent with Heard, there were calls to kick him out of the “Fantastic Beasts” movie series, but Rowling stood by him. Depp says it’s because she knows he had been “falsely accused” and that he feels bad she was thrust into the middle of the controversy. 

Macauly Potter?

Macauly Culkin is looking for work, and he’s taken to Twitter to as JK Rowling for his next gig. The Home Alone actor tweeted at the Harry Potter author, asking to be written in to the next Fantastic Beasts movie. No word back from JK. The second installment of the Harry Potter prequel is due out November 16. Rowling took a bit of flack when it was revealed that an Asian actress was hired on to play the character Nagini — who shows up in the Harry Potter books as a snake. Lots of questions to answer. But apparently the casting is racist on Rowling’s part, according to some Twitter whiners.