Smokey Robinson Defends J-Lo

Smokey Robinson defended Jennifer Lopez’s Grammys Motown performance…again. He said that Motown is about breaking all color barriers and anyone who thinks there is something wrong with a Hispanic woman showcasing Motown is completely missing the point.

The singer-songwriter posted a tribute to J-Lo saying she did an awesome job and called out critics saying, “you’re trying to set us back a hundred years.”

J-Lo Defends Motown Tribute

Jennifer Lopez has responded to all the critics who didn’t think she was the appropriate choice for the Motown tribute during the Grammys. While talking to Entertainment Tonight, J-Lo said that music is for everyone and you can’t tell her what to do. She added that “any type of music can inspire any type of artist. You gotta do what’s in your heart.”

Smokey Robinson, who sang with Jen during the performance, came to her defense saying, “anyone who is upset is stupid.” So, there you have it.

J-Lo’s Mom Elbowed by Fan

Jennifer Lopez’s mom was knocked in the head while her daughter was getting mobbed by fans. The duo was heading to Sirius Radio in New York and trying to navigate through swarms of fans when Guadalupe Rodriguez took a nasty elbow to the side of her face. J-Lo naturally got upset and the pair quickly tried to escape the mob.

J-Lo Making Bank

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s love does cost something…a million somethings. The singer raked in about $2 Million for a 20-minute set and Q&A session at the grand opening of a mall in Qatar last week. J-Lo talked to the crowd about women’s rights, which is an evolving issue in the country; the 49-year-old is one of a few female entertainers to have been invited to the country. Jen is also set to make around $1.2 Million next week when she performs at the Dolby Theater in L.A. for a Qatar Airways party.

Alex Is Better Than Ben

Jennifer Lopez is comparing ex-boyfriends in the December issue of InStyle. The 49-year-old told the mag that compared to Ben Affleck, dating Alex Rodriguez is a breeze. Jen and Ben met in 2002, got engaged and called off the engagement in 2004. J-Lo says that dating was “actually worse” back then because of all the gossip and rumors in the tabloids, but today with social media, fans get to see a little of who the person really is. “Life with Alex is just easier” Jen said. She added, “When we met, we’d both already done a lot of work on ourselves.”

A-Rod’s Done Supporting Ex

Alex Rodriguez is done supporting his ex-wife’s lavish lifestyle. The former Yankee has been in a spousal/child support war with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis for months. He is currently—and has been since they divorced in 2008—paying her $115k a month in combined spousal and child support. The original amount and agreement were supposed to be adjusted once the MLB player retired, as his annual income dropped by 90%. The 43-year-old says he is done supporting his ex-wife—who has a master’s degree in psychology but refuses to work—and her fiancé, as well as the child those two share. Alex says he would be willing to pay $20k a month, plus expenses and tuition for the two daughters he shares with Cynthia, but she wants $50k a month. Maybe A-Rod should let his girlfriend—Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny From The Block—pay his ex a visit to discuss the matter.

A-Rod & JLo Pap Disaster

While leaving dinner in L.A. Tuesday night, the driver escorting Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez clipped a paparazzo, sending the photographer to the ground. Video shows the driver stopping to check on the guy — and used the opportunity to tell them this is what happens when they use so many flashes: he can’t see where he’s going. The LAPD did receive a formal complaint from the photographer, but law enforcement says it’s illegal to block a car and the driver has the right to creep forward.

A-Rod & J. Lo Go Way Back

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have history, it turns out. The retired baseball pro shared a picture to Instagram of an autographed pic of J. Lo signed “to Alex” circa 20 years ago, well before he was a household name. He says he was “just a young ball player.” Even Jen chimed in with an Insta comment, replying “OMG!! Who found that??”