Price of Privacy

Insiders say National Enquirer paid $200,000 for the text messages that engulfed billionaire Jeff Bezos in scandal, provided by the brother of the woman Bezos was sleeping with, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The brother, Michael Sanchez, represents TV pundits and reality tv judges. Sources say he’s provided juicy details to National Enquirer for years, and that the Bezos hit might’ve been politically motivated; Sanchez is a vocal conservative and Trump supporter.

Maui Reconciliation

After news broke that he’s a philandering whore, Jeff Bezos (who can suck it) was encouraged to go to a Maui with his wife for 30 days to try reconciliation. There’s a marriage counseling retreat there that runs $12,500 a week with a Four Seasons nearby.

Bezos’ head of security encouraged his boss to make the trip to keep the company and Bezos out of the media spotlight.

Trillion Man Man

Jeff Bezos says he imagines a day where a trillion humans live in space. At a speech to New York’s Yale Club, he estimates the solar system could support one trillion bodies, and there’d be “1,000 Mozarts and 1,000 Einsteins” making for an “incredible and dynamic” civilization.

There’d also be 1,000 tech billionaires cheating on their wives just like Jeff Bezos, who can suck it.

Covington Teen Files Massive Lawsuit

The teen accused of instigating a racist confrontation with a Native American protester last month is suing the Washington Post. Attorneys for Covington, Ky. high school student Nick Sandmann filed the suit seeking $250 million in damages, alleging the paper “wrongfully targeted and bullied” Sandmann when it pushed the debunked narrative that the teen and a pro-life group he was with started the infamous confrontation, when in fact the Native American activist was the instigator.

NOTE: The $250 million is the amount that Jeff Bezos paid for the newspaper in 2013.

Gilly Disses Bezos

Sen Kirsten Gillibrand says taxpayer-funded plans for a helipad for Jeff Bezos in the now-scrapped New York Amazon campus plans show that his interest to invest in the city were disingenuous all along. She says it shows they wanted tax breaks, but wouldn’t put down roots in the city.

It’s an insanely stupid argument, since of course the campus would’ve generated millions in payroll taxes and economic opportunity; but still, Jeff Bezos can suck it.

National Debt Hits Record $22 Trillion—Some Staggering Facts

The national debt topped $22 trillion for the first time late last week.

  • That’s $300 billion more than the combined market value of the entire Fortune 500.
  • Just the interest on the debt, $383 billion in 2019, is more than the entire budget of either Canada or Mexico.
  • Interest payments on the debt will be more expensive than the defense budget by 2023.
  • The $8.75 trillion added to the debt during Obama’s time as president is worth more than all the gold ever mined.
  • The $4 trillion expected to be added during President Trump’s first term could finance World War II all over again.
  • The world’s richest man is Jeff Bezos. But his entire net worth of $136 billion would only cover about 34 days of debt accumulation.

Bezos Mistress’ Brother Likely Leaked Billionaire’s Sexts

The brother of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ mistress likely leaked nude photos of the billionaire to the National Enquirer, the Daily Beast reported Sunday. A lawyer for the tabloid’s parent company on Sunday strongly hinted that Michael Sanchez, brother of news reporter and Bezos lover Lauren Sanchez, is the person who supplied Enquirer with the lurid text messages that have been at the center of Bezos’ allegations that he’s being blackmailed by the publication. Bezos claims National Enquirer honchos told him if he stated publicly their reporting on him isn’t politically motivated, they wouldn’t put the naked pics out for the public to see.

Amazon CEO Challenges Tabloid Over Alleged Blackmail

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says tabloid National Enquirer is blackmailing him over nude photos. In a blog post titled “No thank you, Mr. Pecker” (you can’t make this up) the world’s richest man says he was threatened with the publication of nude pics of him and suggestive photos of news anchor Lauren Sanchez, his mistress. Bezos alleges the threats are an attempt to blackmail him into silence over the tabloid’s investigations into his personal life, which Bezos believes are motivated by the parent company’s connections to President Trump.

WaPo Reporters Challenge Bezos to Put Money Where His Mouth Is

A Washington Post reporter challenged the paper’s owner, billionaire Jeff Bezos, to put his money where his mouth is and provide paid paternal leave and what she called equal pay for female employees. Reporter Abigail Hauslohner linked back to a Bezos tweet in which he promoted the paper’s $5.25 million Super Bowl ad claiming the paper’s mission is to bring people the facts “no matter what.” Hauslohner wasn’t the only reporter to challenge the boss over his virtual signaling tweets.

Jeff Bezos Resurfaces After Divorce Announcement

Jeff Bezos was spotted for the first time since announcing the news of his divorce. The Amazon billionaire attended the Living Legends of Aviation Awards where he received the JB Freedoms Wings Awards.

The award honors those who advance the principals of freedom in business and personal endeavors. Jeff founded Blue Origin, a privately funded aerospace manufacture.

Jeff’s New Love

Jeff Bezos did NOT have a prenup with soon to be ex-wife MacKenzie, but he DOES have a new woman on his arm. The Amazon millionaire is in a relationship with “So You Think You Can Dance” host Lauren Sanchez, who is currently in divorce proceedings as well. The new couple started hooking up at the end of last year, after they separated from their respective spouses.

Despite already being in a new relationship, Jeff still claims his divorce is amicable.

Amazon Founder Divorcing

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife of 25-years. Jeff announced the news on Wednesday, saying that after a trial separation he and MacKenzie have amicably decided to end their marriage.

The parents of 4 children, live in Washington which is a community property state, meaning assets accrued during marriage are split 50/50 UNLESS there is a prenup. There does not seem to be a prenup in this case, which means Jeff’s $137 million is up for grabs.

The couple also own about 400,000 acres of property.