Brandi Glanville’s Security Scare

Brandi Glanville had quite the scare at her Beverly Hills home on Tuesday. While she was in the home with her two sons, Mason and Jake, thieves broke in and robbed the home. Brandi told Us Weekly, that while they have an alarm system, it wasn’t set because they were home and she assumed she was safe because they have “a security system and gates.” She added that the three are fine, but just a bit “shaken up.”

Follow Your Man

Tristan Thompson’s cheating has been compared to Eddie Cibrain’s infidelity, by Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum tweeted “If I had Kardashian money & my man cheated & had to go live in another city you bet your ass I’d be having that man followed 24 seven he has got to prove himself all over again.” In March 2009, the news broke that Cibrian and singer LeAnn Rimes were having an affair on the set of their Lifetime movie. The 45-year-old Cibrian and the 36-year-old Rimes—who was married to dancer Dean Sheremet at the time—left their spouses and married each other in 2011. Glanville is now on decent terms with her ex and his new wife, which is good as they share two sons—Mason and Jake.