Busy Philipps Claims Assault

Busy Philipps has claimed that James Franco physically assaulted her. The actress said the incident took place on the set of their show, Freaks and Geeks. Philipps has previously discussed the alleged assault, but reiterated the claim in her new book, This Will Only Hurt a Little. She wrote that Franco “threw her on the ground” while filming a scene. The actress said that she had the “wind knocked out of her” and once the scene was over, dramatically sobbed; all Franco received was “barely a slap on the wrist”, she wrote. The actor eventually apologized to her and she commented how he is a “f—king movie star” and “gorgeous and charming as hell.” Franco has admitted in the past to “not being a team player” while filming the series and that he was often “obnoxious” when it came to shooting someone else’s scene. There has been no comment from Franco or his team about the accusation.