Roughing the Passer Penalties

The NFL’s competition committee is set to meet next week regarding the obscene amount of roughing the passer calls this season. Three weeks in and there have been 33 penalties against defensive players. Last year there were 106 and the year prior ended at 85 for the whole season, for all 32 teams. The major issue, is that the league decided to make a “point of emphasis” on the 23-year-old rule. Said rule, “prohibits defenders from landing on the quarterback with their full body weight or driving him into the ground with excessive force”. On the books since 1995, the league decided to push the rule because of complaints from coaching staff regarding protecting their QBs. The complaining is now coming from the other side, with coaches saying they don’t know how to coach based on the strict enforcement of the rule. Two sources told ESPN, that coaches and players shouldn’t expect to see any major changes this season, but discussions are ongoing.