Nicki Who?

Safaree has moved on from Nicki Minaj. The rapper was spotted hand in hand with reality star Erica Mena at the Jazz-Nets game on Wednesday night. While there were reportedly “immediate fireworks” the two are not yet calling one another boyfriend and girlfriend.

The relationship will be a focal point on future episodes of “Love & Hip-Hop,” of which they both appear.

Hip-Hop Star Arrested

Erica Mena and her boyfriend were arrested last weekend. The Love & Hip-Hop star was arrested for possession of weed, while her boyfriend Clifford Dixon, was arrested for criminal trespassing. The cops were called by the couple’s roommates when an argument between the two got out of hand. After talking to witnesses, the cops determined that Mena had locked herself in a bedroom and Dixon allegedly kicked down the locked door; Dixon denied this series of events. In the end, Mena and Dixon were both hauled off to jail. No word on if they have been released or are still sitting in the slammer.