Dead Man Wins Race

Nevada voters elected a dead pimp to the State of Assembly on Tuesday. Dennis Hof, who passed away three weeks ago at one of his famous whorehouses, was still on the ballot as a Republican candidate and beat out Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov. According to TMZ, because a dead man won—in a landslide—the seat is considered vacant and will be filled by the county commissioners, who will then select a Republican to serve the 2-year term.

Dennis Hof, RIP

Bunny Ranch proprietor and star of HBO’s Cathouse Dennis Hof has died. The brothel-owner went out swinging. He had attended a campaign fundraiser with porn star pal Ron Jeremy, girlfriend Heidi Fleiss, and sheriff Joe Arpaio for his Congressional campaign the night before. Then Hof and Jeremy headed back to the brothel, where Dennis and one of his prostitutes shacked up in the same suite Lamar Odom famously overdosed in. The next morning, Jeremy got concerned when Hof wasn’t up — he’s usually an early riser. Jeremy says at first he thought Hof might be pranking him, but finally reality set in. The exact cause of death is under investigation but no foul play is suspected.