Royal Newlyweds Won’t Spend Xmas Morning Together

Due to royal tradition, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely spend Christmas morning apart. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, it’s typical for the royal women to have breakfast delivered to them in bed, while the men eat together downstairs.

Even the choice the breakfast options are royally different. The ladies typically “opt for a light breakfast of sliced fruit, half a grapefruit, toast and coffee. While the men eat a hearty meal of eggs, kippers (small oily fish) and grilled kidneys.”

Meghan’s New Traditions

Meghan Markle’s Christmas will be celebrated a little differently now that she is a royal. According to the palace’s website, “the family opens presents the day before [Christmas]—during afternoon tea.” Former palace employee Darren McGrady said that the tradition has German roots and because the royal family is of German descent, they want to weave in those traditions. The website also says that Christmas morning is reserved for church, specifically at St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham.