90 Day Fiance Star’s Marital Drama

Colt Johnson is speaking out about what occurred before his soon-to-be ex-wife was arrested on domestic violence charges last week. According to TMZ, Larissa Dos Santos Lima downed half a bottle of antidepressants and threatened to kill herself before police arrived.

The chaos began when Larissa accused her husband of cheating and punched him in the mouth. She then locked herself in the bathroom and scratched her face to make it look like Colt had attacked her. After police realized she had been arrested twice in the last year for domestic violence, they arrested and booked her into the Cook County Detention Center in Las Vegas.

Colt reportedly filed for divorce soon after the incident.

90 Fiance Star’s Arrest and Divorce

Larissa Dos Santos has been arrested again. The “90 Day Fiancé” star was arrested at her Vegas home after her husband called the police. Larissa was charged with battery, domestic violence and a misdemeanor and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. Her husband, Colt Johnson was not arrested, despite both having scratches from the altercation.

This was not the couple’s first domestic dispute. Larissa was arrested for domestic battery twice in 2018, but the charges in both cases were dropped.

Hours after his wife’s arrest, Colt reportedly filed for divorce. The couple exchanged vows just seven months ago.

90 Day Star Arrested

Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested for domestic battery in Nevada. The “90 Day Fiancé” star, who is married to Colt Johnson, claimed that her husband was threatening her and took her phone. The police were called and when they arrived, they knocked down the couple’s front door and had their guns drawn. After handcuffing Colt and talking to the pair separately, the responding officers decided it was Larissa who was at fault. In a message posted by Colt, after the incident, he shared that “it is the policy in the state of Nevada” to arrest someone during a domestic dispute, so his wife left in handcuffs. According to court records obtained by E! News, this is the reality star’s second arrest for domestic violence.