GF Did Drugs With HQ CEO

Colin Kroll—the head honcho of HQ Trivia—died after a drug-fueled night with his girlfriend. Initial reports stated that Colin was found during a welfare check—called in by his girlfriend—in his bed with drug paraphernalia near his body. The girlfriend is now telling investigators that she had done drugs with him the night before, but he was fine when she left in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

His girlfriend has not been charged in connection with his death.

Colin was 34.

HQ Trivia CEO Has Died

Colin Kroll has died. The CEO and founder of HQ Trivia has passed away of an apparent drug overdose. Law enforcement was called early Sunday to do a welfare check on the 35-year-old, when his girlfriend couldn’t get ahold of him.

Officers found Colin in his bedroom with drug paraphernalia nearby; cops believe the drugs were cocaine and heroin.

Colin became CEO of HQ Trivia in 2015 after being fired from Twitter. Before that he was Chief Technology Officer of Jetsetter and prior to that he served as the Engineering Manager at Yahoo.