Fire Changes Sunday Morning Plans for D.C. TV Shows

A Sunday morning fire in D.C. damaged the studios of C-SPAN, MSNBC, and Fox News Sunday. The latter was forced to relocate to a local TV affiliate’s studio. The electrical fire broke out on the 8th floor of the studio shortly after 7 a.m., causing “extensive damage” to the C-SPAN facilities, smoke and water damage at MSNBC, and forcing Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace to relocate for the morning show. No one was injured.

Trump Will Give Whitaker Long Leash Over Mueller Probe

President Trump says he plans to give acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker a long leash when it comes to the Robert Mueller probe. Asked whether he’d allow Whitaker to stymie the investigation, including limiting it or shutting it down, Trump said “it’s going to be up to him…I wouldn’t get involved,” Trump told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Democrats and some Republicans concerned about the optics of standing in Mueller’s way have urged Trump to find a permanent attorney general soon who can be confirmed by the Senate. 

Trump Gives Himself Top Grade For Job Performance

President Trump gave himself a A+ for his job of running the country. In an interview with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, Trump awarded himself high marks, asking “Can I go higher than that?” That’s an improvement from last year, when Trump gave his administration an A+ for effort, an A for achievement, but a C+ at most for messaging. 

—QUOTABLE: “I think I am doing a great job…We have the best economy we’ve ever had. We’re doing really well. We would have been at war with North Korea if, let’s say, that [previous] administration continued forward.” -Trump

Sunday News Roundup: October 22, 2018


Senator Rand Paul tells Chris Wallace the Saudi account that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a fist fight at their consulate isn’t believable. “This is just another in the line of long instances of Saudi insults to the civilized world,” Paul said. He called for ending arms sales to the Arab kingdom and reconsidering their status as an American ally.


Senator Thom Tillis echoed Rand Paul’s sentiment to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press: “In Saudi Arabia, you do not do something of this magnitude without having clearance from the top. We need to find out who that is and hold him accountable,” Tillis said.


US Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is walking back his use of the “Lyin’ Ted” epithet he borrowed from President Trump to attack Ted Cruz. Cruz and Trump have made up, and Trump is campaigning for Cruz before Election Day. This week on the campaign trail, O’Rourke said the “Lyin’ Ted monicker” was fitting for his opponent and Trump was right to use it. But under pressure to disassociate himself in any way at all from the Commander in Chief, he apologized to ABC News: “That wasn’t the best phrase for me to use but, you know, I’m — I’m going to do my best to stay focused on the future.”


Senator Ben Sasse touted his new book, “Them,” which analyzes the deep political divide in the country. The book points to the digital revolution alienating people and removing community associations that until recently kept people together despite political differences.

FOX Sunday News 8/5

FOX News Sunday: A second amendment advocate tells CHRIS WALLACE Americans should have access to instructions to 3-D Print handguns. CODY WILSON is the Director of Defense Distributed. He says the Second Amendment is pretty clear and is okay with the consequences.
Quotable: “I literally believe in the Second Amendment to the point of that it’s alright and it should be expected there will be social costs for protecting a right like this.” – Cody Wilson