Manson Heads to Museum

Charles Manson’s bone fragments are headed to a haunted museum. Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, has donated the bones, along with his late grandfather’s hospital gown and coroner’s toe tag to Zak BagansVegas Haunted Museum. The museum is already home to Manson’s teeth and two paintings; one that contains his urine and the other, his ashes. Freeman donated the items because “holding on to them at his home triggered paranormal activity, like weird noises.”

Margot Robbie’s Baby Bump

Margot Robbie was seen sporting a baby bump. The actress is rocking a prosthetic baby bump for her role in a new Quentin Tarantino film. Robbie is starring as Sharon Tate in the upcoming film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” The movie follows the brutal murder of Sharon Tate (and four others) by members of Charles Manson’s family. Sharon’s sister, Debra Tate, has given the film her full support and believes Robbie will “fill the role in spectacular fashion.”