Blueface: Guns Aren’t Mine

Blueface is denying having a gun when cops busted his crew last week in Los Angeles. The rapper said law enforcement should check surveillance footage and fingerprints on the recovered guns, because his won’t be on them.

The rapper was arrested last week when his posse scattered and ditched their firearms when the LAPD approached them. Blue was arrested for felony possession of carrying a loaded firearm.

The 22-year-old does send his thanks to police for driving his expensive ride to the station to keep it away from potential thieves.

Blueface Arrested on Gun Charges

Rapper Blueface was arrested in L.A. over the weekend for felony gun possession. According to TMZ, the LAPD got word there were rappers in the area with large amounts of cash and bling on them. Concerned for their safety, due to the recent robberies in the area by gang members, cops wanted to warn the group that they could be easy targets.

When the cops rolled up, the posse scattered, discarding guns as they ran. Two of the men—one being Blue—were apprehended. It was later discovered the fire arms were loaded.

The rapper was booked on a felony possession of carrying a loaded firearm and later released on $35,000 bail.