Why The Drugs?

Boosie can’t wrap his head about the fact that Bill Cosby had to drug women to sleep with them. The rapper told TMZ that the entire saga left him “scratching his head.” He said, “women lining up outside hotel rooms for a chance to have sex with celebs is totally common” and while he isn’t saying Cosby is NOT guilty, he thinks “some women have ulterior motives” and that could “be the case for some of Cosby’s alleged victims.”

Cosby Star Vandalized

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, said earlier this week there were no plans to remove Bill Cosby’s star — but that hasn’t stopped vigilantes from taking matters into their own hands. The words “Serial Rapist” and “#MeToo” have been scribbled onto the star.  It’s the second time it’s been defaced this week.

Cosby At Home

Bill Cosby has finally settled into the prison he’ll call home for at least the next three years. He’s inmate #NN7687 at a high-security facility in Schwenksville, PA. He’s among 3,800-plus other very dangerous criminals, due to his court-ordered designation as a sexually violent predator. In the short-term he’ll have a single-man cell near the infirmary, but the eventual goal is to get him into the general population.