Biden Declares America “An Embarrassment” at NATO Summit

Joe Biden is following in his former boss’s footsteps—the former vice president under failed former president Barack Obama blasted President Trump at a defense summit before our European allies. His coup de grace was to declare America “an embarrassment” at the NATO Munich Security Conference on Saturday, suggesting the U.S. had abandoned its commitments to Europe. The speech sounded a lot like Obama’s infamous “apology tour,” which shockingly failed to garner any added respect for the United States.

Poll: Liberals Want to Move Out of America

More Americans than ever want to move out of the United States. According to a new Gallup poll, a record 16 percent said they want to permanently leave America during 2017 and 2018, corresponding to the Trump presidency. The numbers were highest in groups that lean Democrat like women, youth, and low-income people. 11 percent said they wanted to leave the country when President George W. Bush was in office, and 10 percent said the same when Barack Obama was president.

Obama Opines After Judge Strikes Down His Healthcare Law

Failed former president Barack Obama didn’t take long to weigh in on a federal judge’s decision striking down his namesake train wreck, Obamacare. Texas District Judge Reed O’Connor ruled the entire law is unconstitutional because the tax penalty for not having insurance was repealed last year. The case is a lawsuit led by Texas and Wisconsin saying that because the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in 2012 because of that tax penalty, the fact it’s now gone means the law is now unconstitutional. The law will remain in effect until it works through the lengthy appeals process, which Obama posted on Facebook and used as an excuse to try getting people to sign up for the expensive coverage whether or not they can afford it.

—QUOTABLE: “As this decision makes its way through the courts, which will take months, if not years, the law remains in place and will likely stay that way. Open enrollment is proceeding as planned today. And a good way to show that you’re tired of people trying to take away your health care is to go get covered!” -Failed former president Barack Obama

Trump Video Charges Dems With Hypocrisy Over Border Security

President Trump is accusing Democrats of being “absolute hypocrites” when it comes to border security. In a Twitter video the president posted on Thursday, Trump weaves together video clips of top Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton talking about how terrible illegal immigration is in years past. The video struck a nerve, gathering nearly 1.2 million views as of Thursday night. In the video, Trump says the only reason Dems are now opposed to a border wall and border security is because they are opposed to him and anything he stands for.

—QUOTABLE: “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple.” -Schumer in the video

—QUOTABLE: “[W]e simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked.” -Obama in the video

Lemon Criticizes Trump-Obama Funeral Handshake, Cuomo Disagrees

CNN hack Don Lemon just can’t help himself. On Wednesday, the cable news host said that he would not have shaken President Trump’s hand at the memorial service for President George H.W. Bush if he had been in former president Barack Obama’s place. He’s not nearly as big a man as Obama, who did shake the president’s hand, Lemon proclaimed in a nauseating attempt at broadcasting his humility. But fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo condemned Lemon—it’s about showing respect in an important moment for the country, Cuomo rebutted. The Obamas don’t have to show respect, Lemon said—and shouldn’t, given Trump’s attitude toward Barack, he went on.

—QUOTABLE: “Nope, couldn’t do it. I’m not that big a person. I would hope that I would be, but I don’t — I can’t fake the funk as they say. I’m not saying the Obamas did that, but there they go, right there.” -Lemon

—QUOTABLE: “I don’t think it’s about faking the funk. I think it’s about showing respect for something bigger than them.” -Cuomo

Bush 43 Joins World Leaders Mourning His Late Father

George W. Bush eulogized his late father on Wednesday in a speech filled with tears and laughter. Family, friends, and world leaders from around the globe gathered at the National Cathedral on Wednesday to mourn President George H.W. Bush, the nation’s 41st president, who died on Friday at age 94. In his eulogy, the younger Bush shared memories of his father’s sense of humor and about how his dad and mom, Barbara liked to hold hands. She died earlier this year. He ended by tearfully saying his father is back with daughter Robin, who died at age 3 from leukemia, and Barbara—and that the two are holding hands again.

—QUOTABLE: “After mom died, dad was strong, but all he really wanted to do was hold mom’s hand again…We’re going to miss you. Your decency, sincerity, and kind soul will stay with us forever…So through our tears, let us enjoy the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great noble man. The best man a son or father could have,” Bush continued, choking up. “And in our grief, let us smile knowing that dad is hugging Robin and holding mom’s hand again.” -George W. Bush

ALSO—President Trump and First Lady Melania also attended the Bush memorial service. They sat in the pew next to former President Barack Obama and Michelle. In a showing that the moment goes far beyond petty politics, Trump shook both their hands. He also tweeted before the service a tribute to Bush, which was praised by Trump nemesis Sen. Jeff Flake—“Well said, Mr. President,” Flake replied.

—QUOTABLE: “Looking forward to being with the Bush family. This is not a funeral, this is a day of celebration for a great man who has led a long and distinguished life. He will be missed!” -Trump on Twitter

Using Both Sides Of His Mouth, Obama Takes Credit For Climate Legacy, Oil And Gas Legacy

Failed former president Barack Obama is not only taking credit for the booming economy, but he’s also touting his climate legacy…while taking even more credit for the boom in U.S. oil and natural gas production. In a moment of irony only a former president could get away with, Obama bemoaned President Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, but said “that was me, people” about the doubling of U.S. oil production during his time in office. That production boom almost exclusively took place on private and state-controlled lands where Obama’s administration had precisely zero say-so.

—QUOTABLE: ““I was extraordinarily proud of the Paris accords because — you know, I know we’re in oil country and we need American energy, and by the way, American energy production…You wouldn’t always know it but it went up every year I was president…That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas — that was me, people.” -Obama

Trump Retweets Pic Of His Political Foes In Jail

President Trump retweeted a fan account’s meme showing all his political rivals behind bars. The photoshopped pic showed failed former president Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Robert Mueller, John Podesta, and others in goofy poses behind bars. The tweet was part of a twitter storm where the president fumed about the Mueller investigation. Let the liberal outrage begin.

—QUOTABLE: “The Mueller Witch Hunt is a total disgrace. They are looking at supposedly stolen Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails (even though they don’t want to look at the DNC Server), but have no interest in the Emails that Hillary DELETED & acid washed AFTER getting a Congressional Subpoena!” -Trump twitter rampage

Tear Gas Imbroglio Overhyped, Trump Suggests

President Trump is downplaying the use of tear gas on members of the migrant caravan who stormed the border over the weekend. Describing some of the caravan’s adults as “grabbers” who grabbed children and are using them for optics, Trump said the tear gas is a “very minor form” and not particularly dangerous. He also questioned the motives of people who would bring children into that kind of environment in the first place—the migrants, most of them adult men, know that having a child will help them with obtaining status in the U.S. The Washington Times has reported on adults abducting children as they made their way north, he told reporters.

—QUOTABLE: “In some cases, you know, they’re not the parents…These are people, they call em grabbers. They grab a child because they think they’ll have a certain status by having a child. You know, you have certain advantages in terms of our crazy laws that frankly Congress should be changing.” -Trump

MEANWHILE—The shine is off the administration of failed former president Barack Obama when it comes to tear gas. While many on the left are critical of President Trump’s administration for using tear gas on the migrants who charged the border over the weekend, they conveniently forget that that same gas was used monthly by the Obama administration, according to Department of Homeland Security data. Pepper spray was also used a decade-high 151 times in 2013.

Arkansas Crime Spree Perp Is a DACA “Kid”

An illegal immigrant involved in a shootout with an Arkansas sheriff’s deputy last week was in the country under DACA. That’s the Obama-era program giving relief to the children of adult illegal immigrants. Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, is facing charges of terrorism and attempted murder after he went on a shooting spree, opening fire on police during two confrontations last week as he tried to escape a routine traffic stop. The administration of failed former president Barack Obama, when coming up with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program decided that some illegals with some criminal charges—like Cobos-Cenobio—should qualify.

—QUOTABLE: “The idea that DACAs are all choir boys is obviously untrue, and yet the Obama administration was much too willing to let people with criminal records avoid deportation.” -Mark Krikorian, executive director at the Center for Immigration Studies

Perez Does About-Face On Wanting Sessions Out

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez think President Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is “worse than Watergate.” The top Dem and former henchman for failed former president Barack Obama denounced the firing on MSNBC, adding the firing could violate the federal Vacancies Reform Act. The statement and Watergate comparison is an abrupt about-face for Perez, who has repeatedly called for Sessions to resign when saying that was politically convenient. 

—QUOTABLE: “Well, there’s a law and there’s a test that apply to what he just did. The law is the Vacancies Reform Act. You can argue that it’s ambiguous whether he could do what he just did. There’s a test that is very unambiguous. It’s called the smell test. This doesn’t pass the smell test.” -Perez now

—QUOTABLE: “No spin from Trump admin can hide the fact that Sessions lied under oath and committed perjury about Russian ties. Sessions must resign.” -Perez then (March 2, 2017)

Supreme Court Says Minors Can Sue Over Global Warming

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled that minors can sue over climate change. 21 plaintiffs—the youngest was 11 years old— brought the lawsuit that claimed that the Barack Obama administration encouraged the production of fossil fuels, which allegedly violated the plaintiffs’ civil rights. That means more carbon emissions, which violates the supposed rights of the plaintiffs. According to the Supreme Court, the lawsuit does have legal standing to proceed and should not be dismissed with going to trial first.

—QUOTABLE: ”And then there’s also the amendment with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One’s life is at risk with health and with having to leave our home.” -Mom of the youngest plaintiff

Obama CIA Spied On Congressional Emails

The CIA was spying on the emails of congressional staff during the regime of failed former president Barack Obama, according to declassified documents from 2014. The agency used its ill-gotten emails to prepare a report about potential whistleblowers within the intelligence community. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley dismissed attempts by the former inspector general who oversaw the CIA back then to write the probing off as “lawful and justified.” Grassley said the snooping raises serious policy concerns.

—QUOTABLE: “The fact that the CIA under the Obama administration was reading congressional staff’s emails about intelligence community whistleblowers raises serious policy concerns as well as potential constitutional separation-of-powers issues that must be discussed publicly.” -Grassley

Obama Jabs Trump Over Indictments

Failed former president Barack Obama took a shot at President Trump at a campaign stop in Milwaukee on Friday. Jabbing Trump for supposedly not doing enough to take on corruption, Obama claimed no one in his administration was ever indicted. That’s not quite true—Obama’s former CIA director David Petraeus was convicted in 2015 of mishandling classified information. In reality, only former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn has been convicted and allegations against three others aren’t related to conduct in the administration, and in fact aren’t even directly related to the investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

—QUOTABLE: “They have gone to Washington and just plundered away. In Washington, they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team…Nobody in my administration got indicted.” -Obama

Left Blames Trump For Pipe Bombs

Democrats and the media immediately blamed President Trump for the string of bomb threats made against liberals across the country on Wednesday. Pipe bombs and suspicious packages were sent to a list of the president’s main foes: Hillary and Bill Clinton, failed former president Barack Obama, John Brennan, Maxine Waters, George Soros, CNN, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Eric Holder and George Soros. CNN president Jeff Zucker said the president and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders don’t realize that their words matter. But rising incivility clearly should be on the minds of both sides of the aisle.

—“The president, and especially the White House press secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.” -Zucker

—“We’ve seen calls for incivility from both sides of the political spectrum…If people are keeping score at home, so far the only people who have had blood spilled are the Republicans.” -Former FBI and CIA official Jeff Beatty

Trump Touts “Agreement” With Obama On Immigration

President Trump reached common ground with failed former president Barack Obama on Tuesday. “I agree with President Obama 100%” he tweeted along with a CSPAN video of then-Sen. Obama warning about the threat of illegal immigration. Obama joins Bill Clinton on a list of Democrats who have changed their tunes about illegal immigration as their party has lurched to the open-borders left in recent years.

—QUOTABLE: “We are a generous and welcoming people in the United States but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law.” -BHO

Trump Approval Surging

President Trump ought to be riding high on his latest approval numbers. A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found 47 percent approve of Trump’s job performance, up 3 points in just a month. That’s a bona fide surge. In fact, the number is higher than failed former president Barack Obama’s approval at the same point in his presidency. The poll also found Americans trust Republicans on the economy more than Democrats—Republicans hold a 15 point advantage on the question of who to trust with the economy, which respondents said was their top issue. The so-called enthusiasm gap has also all but vanished, with 72 percent of Dems excited to vote next month and 68 percent of Republican voters. That wipes out what was once a ten point gap in favor of the donkeys.

Trump Warns Holder

President Trump is kicking back. After former attorney general Eric Holder said at a campaign rally that “when they go low, we kick them,” the president said Holder’s off the cuff remark is a “disgusting statement.” “He better be careful what he’s wishing for,” Trump said of the top aide to failed former president Barack Obama. Holder is a rumored 2020 Dem presidential condender, and the president sent some shots across the bow. “Holder was held in contempt of Congress. Holder went after Christians,” he said. It looks like the midterms aren’t even over, and the next election is already on.

—QUOTABLE: ”He better be careful what he’s wishing for, that I can tell you. That’s a disgusting statement for him to make. For him to make a statement like that is a very dangerous statement…They better be careful with the rhetoric because it’s very dangerous what Holder said. Holder was held in contempt of Congress. Holder went after Christians. He went after our great evangelicals. He went after our tea party people, you know that, the IRS just settled that case.” -Trump

New Alert Draws Lawsuit

A lawsuit is seeking to stop those “presidential alerts” you may have gotten on your phone yesterday. The new lawsuit, brought by three New Yorkers, argues the system violates their First Amendment rights and is an unconstitutional seizure of electronic devices. Unlike some other alerts, cell phone users can’t opt out of receiving these new alerts—they’re essentially mandatory. The presidential alert has been in the works for six years, and in 2016 failed former president Barack Obama signed a law restricting its use to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters or threats to public safety. That’s not enough, the plaintiffs contend. It could be used by President Trump or future presidents to force propaganda on hundreds of millions of people, they argue.

—QUOTABLE: “Without more specific definitions…officials — including President Trump — are free to define ‘act of terrorism’ and ‘threat to public safety’ as they see fit, potentially broadcasting arbitrary, biased, irrational and/or content-based messages to hundreds of millions of people.” -Official complaint

Obama Endorses Laughingstock Socialist

Barack Obama all but made it official: he’s a socialist. Well at least he endorsed one. The failed former president on Monday endorsed avowed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her bid for a deep blue New York congressional district. Ocasio-Cortez came to fame when she shocked politics by knocking off deeply entrenched Democrat Joe Crowley, then went on to make a series of blunders that turned her into a punchline. Obama’s endorsement is hardly bold—the district she’s running for is hardcore Dem and her ideas, including abolishing ICE and having government take over all of health care, are gaining traction on the left.